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  • Updated: May 21, 2014 07:31 IST

Episode seven of Game of Thrones season four – Mockingbird – comes with a whole bunch of surprises and an ending that keeps you speculating about Tyrion Lannister's fate.

In terms of screenplay, 'Mockingbird' laid low, possibly saving fireworks for the 'episode nine' GoT is infamous for.

It wouldn't be a surprise if the episode was just setting the stage for the remaining three episodes, and it's highly likely that each of them will witness at least one crazy event.

Mockingbird spent most of its air-time discovering more sides to each character. Either through incidents or narratives, it introduced new layers to these characters you thought you had figured out by now.

Except, maybe, The Mountain — he was being himself, tearing helpless men apart. I do wish they made him look a little more intimidating, though. The books leave readers dreading the man.

First off, every scene with Tyrion was executed with utter brilliance. The helplessness that the Imp wears with dignity and the sadness in his eyes are a testimony to Peter Dinklage's brilliance, who, for the second episode in a row, acted his heart out.

Then there's Oberyn Martell, whose true intentions are out of the bag. The man is smart, shrewd and has come to King's Landing with a vengeance.

Also, Oberyn's narratives in the episode revealed how despicable Cersei truly is and that there's unending spite in her heart for her brother, Tyrion.

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On the other side of Westeros, through brief sequences, we found that there is after all a softer side to The Hound and that Arya is helpless only by age and not courage.

In Meereen, Daenerys has lot of things going for her, primarily Daario Naharis. After a long time, Ser Jorah can actually be seen as an adviser to the Khaleesi instead of just an admirer.

We briefly visit the North, where Jon Snow is struggling with Ser Alliser who's being the perpetual prick.

We also meet Brienne and Podrick who are making headway in their search for the Stark girls, thanks to an adorable character we saw in the last season.

We also meet Melisandre, amidst a lot of nudity, spilling secrets of her potions to Stannis' queen.

The highlight (with a capital H to the T) of the episode has to be Littlefinger, who has emerged as one of most cunning and creepy men in Westeros.

You also feel a little bad for Sansa because she seems to be swinging from one calamity of crazy people to another. Lady Lysa and Prince Robin are as mad as they come.

There is a whole bunch of storylines in Mockingbird but they are woven together tightly enough to not lose the viewer's attention. There are spurts of action through the episode and as usual, a climax that will make your eyes pop out.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the episode yet, a shocking kiss and a well-deserved death awaits you!

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