Gauhar’s stand for Kushal was sweet, says Rajev Paul after visiting Bigg Boss 7

  • Bigg Boss 7

    Kushal carried Gauhar as she almost fainted minutes before the exit doors of Bigg Boss were opened. The duo saw a dramatic exit, though Gauhar ...

  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar Khan opted to quit Bigg Boss 7 after Kushal was dismissed from the reality show for being violent.

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    Aijaz and Candy try to distract Andy and Elli as part of the Bigg Boss task 'Ignore the opbvious'. Elli was trying to reason out ...

  • Bigg Boss 7

    Armaan assures Andy that he stands by the stylist, some time after Kushal charged at him inside Bigg Boss house.

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    After Bigg Boss announces that Kushal will have to leave the house, Kamya, Gauhar and Pratyusha insist that they will accompany him as well. Here, ...

  • Gauhar Khan

    Gauhar confronts Andy and tells him that his actions during the task 'Ignore the obvious' were derogatory and hurt her as a friend in the ...

  • Gauhar and Kushal

    Gauhar and Kushal leave Bigg Boss 7 house.

  • Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram

    Gauhar, Apoorva and Sangram try and stop Kushal from hurting Andy after the actor grew violent and charged at Andy in Bigg Boss house.

On Thursday’s episode, we saw Gauhar Khan, who left Bigg Boss 7 after Kushal was dismissed from the show for indulging in a violent act. Gauhar entered the house on the condition that Kushal, too, will be brought back.

Later in the episode, we saw that Bigg Boss allows the inmates to go shopping from the money they saved during the luxury budget task. In the specially set-up market, contestants from last season of the show - Rajev Paul, Delnaz Iraani and Vrajesh Hirjee are the stall operators.

Television actor Rajev, who was evicted on the 96th day of Bigg Boss 6, discussed the visit and more in a candid chat with

When asked about his meeting with Gauhar in the house, the actor said that Gauhar came up to his stall, which had gents’ stuff and bought some gifts for her friend Kushal. Rajev further said that he teased Gauhar saying, “Ohhoo! Kushal ke liye gifts kharide ja rae hain!”

On a serious note, Rajev said that what Gauhar did was not a stunt for camera or TRPs. “In the beginning, you are conscious of the camera but after spending months inside the house, you are used to it. And specially in moments like what Gauhar faced, you do not think about whether it looks right or wrong on camera. You do what you think is right. Such acts come from heart and are not part of any deliberate thought process. What Gauhar did for Kushal was a sweet act.”

When reminded about a similar incident while Rajev was in the house, he said that his decision to tell Bigg Boss that among Delnaz and himself, he should be sent out of the show was not pre-meditated. “The last one year, everywhere that I have been, people come to me and hug me and tell me that what I did for Delnaz, they may never have the courage to do. It feels good to see that such things, that are not deliberate acts are actually noticed,” the actor added.

Further talking about his own experience, Rajev said that it was interesting to go back inside the house without the pressure of being nominated. They spent around two hours inside Bigg Boss 7 house.

Talking about other inmates in the house, Rajev said that it was fun meeting Aijaz Khan and Sangram Singh. He added that he made Elli say Salman Khan’s favourite dialogue from her movie – “Malviya Nagar ke james bond”.

Rajev found Tanisha and Elli cute.

Armaan, the current captain of the house, too impressed Rajev. Rajev said, "Armaan had all the money but he didn’t buy anything for himself, just ensured everyone bought what they wanted. I found it very touching, despite what people say about him."

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