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The Comedy Store is back!

Three comedians from the club will give enthusiasts a preview in partnership with Hindustan Times.

entertainment Updated: Oct 08, 2009 21:14 IST

AAfter their first act in June, British comedy club The Comedy Store is due to open at the Palladium at High Street Phoenix , in December.

To welcome these first-time visitors, Jarred Christmas, Jeff Innocent and Phil Nichol, to India, we decided to put their comic humour to the test on seven topics. This is what happened..

Silvio Berlusconi.

Phil: I don’t have any material on him.

Jarred: He’s the sexy guy. That’s what Italians like – they don’t care about how corrupt someone is as long as he’s good-looking. He looks good on a Vespa.

Jeff: Every day is a bad hair day for him.

Indian food.

Phil: Umm, I’m gonna pass the phone to Jarred...

Jarred: We went to a house party last night and had very delicious food, which was all vegetarian. I thought it was meat!

Jeff: I have not stopped eating it since I got here.

Impressions of Delhi.

Phil: I have not seen anything of Delhi. All I’ve done is been in this hotel all day giving interviews. I’ve seen someone mow the lawn and eaten lunch.

Jarred: Everyone’s vehicle seems to ask me if I have got the horn. I don’t know what that means...

Jeff: I have been asleep since I arrived.

Indian women.

Phil: Nothing on them.

Jarred: I dated a half-Indian woman in the UK and that was the good half. I broke up with her, but I would have been happy to keep going out with the Indian half.

Jeff: Well, I’ve had a couple of women fall in love with me here already and they are so in love, they are fasting...

George Bush.

Phil: I really like him. Nice guy. (sarcastic)

Jarred: Old news.

Jeff: Unemployed


Phil: No.

Jarred: I love the idea of being in a group of people and suddenly breaking into dance and everyone joining in. It’s a great world to live in.

Jeff: I have never seen a film for longer than five minutes… Don’t print this, I don’t want things thrown at me.. they seem unwatchable.

Indian newspapers.

Phil: (Silence) Look, I do anti-comedy… I run around and shout at people… I don’t come up with quips and spur-of-the-moment stuff.

Jarred: There are like 1,000 per person. Everyone runs a newspaper here.

Jeff: I’m afraid I’ve not got anything more to say

Worst joke?

Phil: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Dwayne. . Dwayne who?. Dwayne the bath tub, I'm dwowning

Jarred: Any of Jeff Innocent’s...

What’s the best joke you have ever heard?

Jarred: What’s orange and sound like a parrot? A carrot.