The mirror makes Somdev Devvarman feel sexy

Born and brought up in India, Somdev went to the University of Virginia to study sociology. That’s when he took up tennis professionally. A member of India’s Davis Cup team, he won the singles gold medal at the CWG in Delhi in October. In November 2010, he became the first player since Japan’s Toshiro Sakai to win singles and doubles gold medals at the Asian Games. Somdev is currently participating in the Aircel Chennai Open

One word that describes you best?

If a traffic constable hauls you up, what would you do?
Sweet talk my way out of it.

What makes you feel sexy?

The mirror.

Which superhero would you like to be and why?
Batman; because then I get the BatMobile!

A place where you would like to be lost for a month?

Share a secret with us... trust us, we’ll only print it!
I’m an alien!

What did you do with your first pay cheque?
Gave my friends a treat.

You are late for work and all the roads are jammed. Choose a mode of transport: a cycle, a horse or a skateboard. Why?
I would prefer a horse. Why? Because it’s so cool!!

What is the weirdest thing that ever went into your mouth?
A wooden biscuit.

Your first kiss was…
I don’t kiss and tell.

Love is…
…In the air, everywhere I look around. Love is in the air, in every sight and every sound.

The one law you would break if you could get away with it?
Travel visa-free across the world.

The last time you rode on a bus?
Guangzhou in China.

If you could have chosen your own name, what would you have chosen?

If you could be born either rich or intelligent, which one would you choose? You can’t say ‘both’.
Intelligent… riches will follow.

If you could have a star perform at your wedding, who would it be and why?
The Dave Matthews Band. I just love them.

A tune you can’t get out of your head?
I just love listening to Heart of life by John Mayer

Life in the fast food lane: Choose your menu
I can happily survive on simply one thing - and that’s Chaat

The last movie that made you cry?
Cool runnings! Actually i laughed so much that tears rolled down my cheeks!

- From HT Brunch, Januray 9

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