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‘They are sick losers’

...says Aussie filmmaker Baz Luhrmann about those behind racist attacks.

entertainment Updated: Feb 06, 2010 01:01 IST
Collin Rodrigues

Do you think your purpose of visiting India has been served?

Yes, it has been to an extent. I’ve always had this connection with India. My friend Vincent Fantauzzo’s wife is an Indian. All the intense discussions that we had before coming here have brought the results.

What’s your take on the constant attacks on Indians back in Australia? Who are behind them?

It’s the most disgusting thing that I’ve come across. The people who carried out these attacks are a bunch of sick losers. All politicians should speak one language. It was Vincent who came along and said, “Why not do something about it?” So here I am on this great adventure. It gives me an opportunity to express my views.

What was that movie that you watched in Jaipur on your first India trip?

It was 15 years ago, when my wife and I were in Rajasthan, that we decided to catch up on a Bollywood movie. It was three hours of entertainment. It was a very Shakespearean contemporary work of art, but I don’t remember the name of the film.

And why didn’t you watch the whole movie?

When you watch something which is Shakespearean, you know what it is like. I knew where it was heading, what the ending was.

What are your Bollywood influences?

There’s not a single factor that I have been influenced by. Primarily Bollywood is old Hollywood in many ways. It’s connected to the old films of the early American cinema.

Since when have you been watching Hindi movies?

The movie that I went for in Jaipur was the first Hindi film that I ever watched.

What are the other Bollywood movies that you have watched?

I don’t remember seeing too many. Recently, I saw one on a flight. I think it starred Salman Khan.

You like the other Khans?

Don’t know much about them, but Aamir Khan is a good actor.

What do you like about him?

I saw


, which I consider as a major work of drama. It’s a simple film. It is one film which expresses a lot through its music.