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Think out loud

entertainment Updated: Jul 12, 2010 13:19 IST
Shruti Haasan
Shruti Haasan
Hindustan Times
Shruti Hasan

I found myself in a rather profound mood today, not sure exactly why, but since this morning, I’ve been listening to a wonderful thought-provoking artiste called Oren Lavie on my iPod.

I’ve been running in and out of shots since early this morning and now, finally, I’m packed up and too lazy to work out today, so here I am just sitting, just thinking.

Shruti HassanLife is a car ride

Life is like a car ride in a new city sometimes, you know where you’re headed, you know when you’re supposed to get there, but you may not really know the way and that’s when you sit back, look out the window and enjoy a completely new scenery.

More often than not, life is like the driver who knows the city you don’t. These are the times I realise that sometimes you need to let things go and know that the universe has a way of working things out and you are a part of that equation of that bigger picture. Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

How many times have I stopped to think that I am the master architect of any situation in my life and if I give a 100 per cent, I should get the same in return or even more?

Life then throws you a curve ball, because more often than not these ‘master plans’ include people and people are a variable. You can never control and must never try to; at least in my experience. This is what I have come to learn.

Having said this, I guess one can’t be meek or overtly humble all the time. We do have the power to shape our tomorrow and, especially in times like these, where people grab opportunities like they’re going out of fashion.

The car ride that you’ll take through your own life is probably the best journey you can ever have. First of all, there’s no one else who keeps changing the music on the car stereo, and the love you have for yourself along with the arguments, discovery and confusion, are all part of the best relationship you’ll ever have — the one with yourself.

I’ve just found a way to balance the moods, changes and temperatures in my life. I try not to get too comfortable; where’s the fun in that? Change has been a constant and I find myself changing constantly. Writing this way is major change number one! The idea of sharing thoughts totally and, I mean totally, creeped me out!

I thought to myself, Shruti what if someone reads this and goes, “Okay yeah, she’s a dork”, but on the flipside, one of you may like it. So look out the window, no need to stop and smell the flowers, as there are probably not many left, but hey, listen to a good song and I guess the best thing to do in life is to try and sing along. C’est la vie.

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