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This and that

entertainment Updated: Apr 18, 2010 01:08 IST
Farhan Akhtar

FarhanIn Berlin this week. Visiting over 75 locations and breaking down exactly what we’d like to do in each one. For all those not familiar with the film-making process, this is the most crucial visit as far as prep on a film is concerned.

It is known as the tech recce. Basically we have to confirm the location and then decide on what time of day we’d like to shoot there, how we’re going to light it, where we’d like the camera to be watching the action from, how many people will be in background, how many cars will be in frame, to what amount do we need to add or remove furniture and other props, etc etc. The list goes on. The next time I see some of these locations will be closely followed by me calling out “Action!”

Making a film is hard work. Not many people realise that. I remember when we were shooting for Lakshya in Dehradun, a massive crowd had gathered to get a glimpse of the actors. One of the assistants asked a group of women “Please move back… we’re working”. To which one of them replied “Oh! I thought you were shooting…” Was that woman alone in her manner of thinking? I guess not.

Anyway, the important part is that you have fun while watching the film in the theatre and hopefully that should not seem like hard work.Oh yes! We have a new addition to our family. A beagle. Name: Zen. Gender: Male. Occupation: Looking cute. Really wonder if dogs practice their expressions in front of a mirror. Especially the one they put on when there’s something to eat lying around and they want their share.

It’s like they’re genetically engineered to invoke sympathy in you with that look. Dog owners will know the look I refer to here.And speaking of food, we were eating Lebanese the other evening. It is one of my favorite cuisines and as I made my way through a delicious Falafel sandwich, I thought about how nice it would be to have a place like this near my home in Mumbai.

Then the thoughts started spiraling out of control. They went on to include a fictitious couple named Mr and Mrs. Sharma. Both with a great sense of Humus and a son named Baba Ghanoush who fondly referred to his father as Pita-ji. Then the location manager requested we move to the next location and I thanked him for it.

Also, thank you for all the feedback on the columns thus far. Many of you have asked if I plan on doing another film on the lines of Lakshya or a period film. You may remember that I have mentioned a film Voice from the Sky (working title) in some interviews in the past. It is a period piece, set in Bengal 1905, that I hope to make after the release of Don.So till next week, keep writing in with your thoughts (although a pen would be handier).

We’ll check your spelling and grammar and mail you back. Peace out.