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Today has been a disturbing day: Amitabh Bachchan

The recent gang rape incident that occurred in Delhi has left the entire nation shell shocked.

entertainment Updated: Dec 25, 2012 18:17 IST

The recent gang rape incident that occurred in Delhi has left the entire nation shell shocked. However, working through the unmitigated anger and hatred towards the perpetrators, the victim's supporters gathered at India Gate in Delhi to show their solidarity. But the untoward and violent reaction to quell the peaceful protest by the police force has drawn the ire of not just the people but also well-known celebs. Blogging about his obvious dissent towards this, Amitabh Bachchan posted:

"An entire day has been spent in the hearts of those that protest on the streets of Delhi, in particular seeking justice for the gang rape victim, that fights for her life in a hospital in the Capital.

But today has been a disturbing day. Watching the violence and strong tactics being deployed to disrupt this peaceful protest, is horrific. Tear gas bombing, cold water canons being sprayed in the winter of Delhi, is cruel to these young and determined students that have dared to vent their true feelings against the system, for the protection of young girls that have become frequent victims of rape.

There is anger and pent up feelings. There is a demand for protection on the streets. There is a fervent and continuous cry for justice and a quick and definitive punishment to the perpetrators of such crimes.


Meanwhile, the 23 year old medical student victim that has been raped in a moving bus, has been through the most unheard of and worse than animal behaviour by the perpetrators, who have not just demolished her modesty, but have in most heinous fashion destroyed her body and thrown her out on the street naked and half dead. Iron rods used on her have completely destroyed her intestines and she is fighting a brave fight for survival. Her condition is most precarious. She is on a ventilator, and the few moments she has come off it has only these few words to say - 'I do not want to die' and 'have they caught the culprits'...!!

Thousands of young students girls and boys in the past two days have taken to the streets demanding action and seeking justice. Today the movement took on a violent turn. Forced back by police water canons in this cold weather of Delhi, and bombarded by tear gas bombs, they are now being piggy backed by other disruptive elements, that have instigated even greater and fierce action by the police forces, by resorting to pitched battles with whatever props they can find in and around the India Gate, a symbol of the Amar Jyot Jawan, a monument that commemorates the spirit and fight of those soldiers that sacrificed their lives during the various wars fought by India.

It has been a sad and disturbing day!

Jaya had in Parliament the other day spoken most passionately on this issue, breaking down while describing the plight of these unfortunate women, who have been targeted regularly.

This and the peace protests including the more violent demonstrations have at least coerced the Government to come out and reassure the people to maintain calm, acknowledging the protests as being just and assuring the people of quick and rapid action on the issue. How far this shall satisfy the now very motivated and angry polity, remains to be seen.

I do believe that the demands by the students and those in social circles is justified, when they seek justice for the victims - quick and fast apprehensions and judicial procedures to punish the culprits as severely as possible, and of course to make the streets safer for the citizens, particularly young girls and females. The fear of severe punishment should act as a deterrent to any future perpetrators of such crime, and if need be the law of the land be altered to accomodate these crimes...

I do hope and pray that the system reacts favourably to such urgent needs and that the young girl, the hapless victim, who battles with her circumstances most bravely, be soon out of danger, recovers physically and gets fit enough to lead her life in peace and comfort.

The Sunday well wishers were met as always ... but the topic of discussion has been so disturbing, that I do not not have the will to speak or put out pictures of it...

My love as ever...

Amitabh Bachchan"