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Tracking SRK

Director Samar Khan on the subject of his documentary, Revealed, and his plans of turning unused footage into one-hour specials on Shah Rukh Khan.

entertainment Updated: Feb 23, 2010 01:27 IST
Rachana Dubey

SRKIt shouldn’t have been difficult for journalist-turned-filmmaker Samar Khan to trace the life and times of Shah Rukh Khan, given that they’ve been friends for years. But according to Samar, tracking the Phenomenon of this millenium was quite a task.

“I’ve known Shah Rukh on different levels for the last 15 years. I’ve known him as a journalist, a co-worker and now as a subject of my documentary. He’s not difficult to work with but he’s so busy. But it was fun revealing the man on camera,” says Samar.

The documentary, Revealed, is an hour-long film. The director still has a lot of unused footage. He says the spillovers from the film have been turned into one-hour episodes. Each episode will showcase a different side to SRK’s life.

“There are episodes dedicated to his IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders, one on his heritage bungalow Mannat and another on his house Dubai. There’s also a segment on life on the road and one dedicated to how lonely a star’s life is.”

Samar Khan lists 10 things from the documentary which you may have seen

When Shah Rukh conferred a doctorate by a UK university, he broke into a jig in his convocationgown. I’m sure it was his first convocation ceremony since I don’t think he attended the one in Jamia Milia Islamia.

After he finishes working on a film, Shah Rukh takes a three-hour-long shower. He believes that’s the way to get the film out of his system completely.

SRK feels that he has lost touch with his extended family over the last 20 years. He says he’s been so busy that he has not been able dispose of his responsibilities to them.

Shah Rukh has been having coffee in the same steel mug for the last decade. He takes it with him everywhere he goes.

His make-up man hasn’t changed in the last two decades that he has been an actor. Ravi Dada applied make-up on him for for his first shot in Dil Aashna Hai. He’s still around though he could make way soon for his son.

One of Shah Rukh’s favourite games is Trivial Pursuit. The only one to beats him at it, 90 per cent of the times, is his daughter, Suhana.

It’s a joke among his friends that his diet includes only protein (since chicken is a part of all his meals), caffeine (from the coffee he is constantly sipping) and
nicotine (from the cigarettes he chain smokes).

Shah Rukh hates being captured on camera while he is eating. That’s the only time he doesn’t let anyone shoot him.

The actor always prefers female to male company.

He’s the official babysitter of his group. When everyone else is partying or holidaying, Shah Rukh is quite happy to sit and play with their children at home. He loves spending time with Aryan, Suhana and their friends.

Five things that you can catch in the one-hour specials

Shah Rukh always says, “Bye” to every one of his crewmembers before calling it a day. In fact, after spending time with him for 15 years, even I have picked up the habit.
Whenever Shah Rukh completes an outdoor, he sends out little presents to all the unit members before he leaves.
He loves going out cycling whenever he’s in London. He starts off in the middle of the night with son Aryan.
SRK wants to know everything about a place he is heading for.
For instance, if he’s in San Francisco, he’ll want to know the history, geography, climate, places to visit and even minute details about the Golden Gate bridge. I have to admit that sometimes this obsession can get boring but one has no choice but to listen to him with a smile on the face.
After waking up every morning, Shah Rukh needs an hour-and-a-half to himself. He doesn’t meet or talk to anyone during these 90 minutes.