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  • Damini Purkayastha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Feb 27, 2011 02:15 IST

Oh no! Can you believe this cruel verdict? The Delhi High Court has just passed a ruling that says only 10,000 free passes can be issued for World Cup matches in town. Only 10,000 out of the 41,000 seats at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. That barely begins to cover all the VIPs!

What will happen to all their neighbours, allies, neighbours’ friends and fifth cousins? How could the High Court be so cruel to freemongering Delhiites? I don’t know how, but I’d say the number should have been a fraction of what it is.
In October 2008, I wrote about how the youngsters of Delhi only wanted freebies and were wary of shelling out even a couple of hundred bucks for a rock concert. That era, thankfully, has come to pass. The Prodigy concert earlier this year was sold out, as was the equally-priced, but sadly ill-fated Bryan Adams concert.

But there doesn’t seem to be any hope that the very important people  — who usually have enough cash to buy the whole joint, but still want their entry to be free — can be converted. In fact, the epidemic is only spreading. The mayor of Mumbai reportedly said there should be free passes for corporates, chairmen of certain committees, some senior officials and a few mediapersons — and that too for the finals at Wankhede stadium! Then there’s Bangalore, where a lathi charge broke out between fans and cops on Thursday over a ticketing mess outside Chinnaswamy stadium. 

On a sports website, an article about the high court ruling is accompanied by some serious venting from cricket fans. “I think complimentary passes should only be about 10% of the seats. It’s not right when we host a World Cup only every 15 years!” wrote a user named Gujubhai. “These idiots running the Cricket Boards will justify giving everything away!!” wrote slgp. A friend who is detached from the cricket madness, has a solution to offer: Let’s give the VIPs 60% of the passes for the Netherlands vs West Indies match in Delhi on Monday (there seem to be no takers), and just 5% for the India vs Netherlands match next month. Seems fair, doesn’t it?


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