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Virat ko gussa kyun aata hai?

entertainment Updated: Mar 20, 2012 00:10 IST
Namya Sinha
Virat Kohli


Cricketer Virat Kohli, 23, is the talk of the town with not just his 183 runs that made India win against Pakistan during Sunday’s ODI match, but also for hurling abuse to celebrate his performance. Astrologers say the new Angry Young Man on the block will only do better in the future, if he holds his tongue. Fans, however, say it’s just a case of aggressive Delhi temperament.

“The reason for his anger is that is he wears a jersey numbered 18, which adds up to 9. It is not good for him. The number 18 gives him injury and it’s a number that brings on aggression. He should wear a jersey number that adds up to number 5, such as 14 or 32. Virat’s birthday number is 5,” says numerologist Niraj Mancchanda. “He is 23 years old, which also adds up to number 5, and this year is 2012 which is also number 5. Everything is in sync and that’s why this is his year,” he adds.

Tarot consultant Manisha Koushik says his hot temper is a work of the planets. “According to Pythagorean numerology, his name adds up to number 8, which is the number of Saturn. Saturn makes a person aggressive. Also, his personality number is 1, which is the number of the Sun. According to Hindu mythology, Sun and Saturn can never be together, so whenever he is shining, these contradictions come out in form of aggression and anger,” she says, suggesting a solution: “For toning down his temper, he should wear a blue coloured band on his right hand.”

Others say the cricketer must check his arrogant streak lest he loses his charm. “Virat is ruled by Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury. At the moment, he is under the influence of Rahu Dosha, so he has to be very careful about his acts,” says astrologer Vikram Mehta.

Fans are as happy about his show as unhappy they are, about his behaviour. “Virat Kohli u genius ... Simply brilliant batting, just cut out these angry reactions (sic),” tweeted Konark Goel. Another Twitter user, wrote: “This Virat Kohli deserves the title of Indian team’s angry young man!”
Meanwhile, city pubs rejoice:
1. Blues in Connaught Place saw a 50% increase in the sale of beer during the India-Pak match on Sunday
2. Out of the Box café, Khan Market, saw double their general beer sale on a Sunday
3. F bar & Lounge in Chanakyapuri saw a 25% increase in the sale of beer as compared to regular weekend sales
4. Game of Legends- Sports Bar in Rajouri also saw a 50% increase in footfall. They sold 80 more pints than they did the previous Sunday.

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