When Ranjeet got sick of vulgarity in Bollywood

  • Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Feb 01, 2015 14:42 IST

There was a time when you would have had to struggle to recall films that Ranjeet wasn’t the villain in. However, the veteran actor is now enjoying a new genre — ­comedy. After a bit role in Housefull 2 (2012), the 73-year-old has started working on Saurabh Varma’s next, that falls in the same genre.

After playing a villain in so many movies, how did you make the transition to comedy?
Today, films don’t have ­villains, vamps or comedians. The stories have changed, and we have to change with times. I enjoy doing comedy. Even when I did comic plays, people told me that I should have been a comedian. They were ­surprised in the same way they used to get surprised when I told them I don’t smoke, I don’t eat non-veg food, and I am only a social drinker.

Why don’t we see you in films or on TV more often?
I cut down on work a few years ago as I felt there was too much double meaning dialogue and a lot of vulgarity in films. I didn’t want to do that anymore. The world is changing, and with the corporates in the picture today, relationships have become plastic. I can’t run after roles. People know who Ranjeet is; if they need me, they will come to me.

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