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Where to source your gossip?

entertainment Updated: Oct 05, 2009 16:40 IST
Jaydeep Ghosh

Work contacts and I are privy to some great gossip, and there’s nothing better than getting together over a glass of bubbly and spilling the bubbles on the outrageous acts of the good, bad and the gorgeous.

A friend asked, “Where do you source your gossip from?” Pertinent question indeed, but then I let out a trade secret – “When you’re an ‘invisible’ underling, you get the best A-list gossip. I get mine from the invisible underlings.” Madhur Bhandarkar’s Page 3 did show the use of underlings like the drivers as the source of potent gossips. These drivers get to see and hear the raunchiest of misdemeanors of their saab and memsahab.

Sample this: A well-mannered driver of a well-heeled socialite asked me for a job opening recently. I, in return, asked why he wants to leave his present employer and he ranted out his grief, “Sir, I am sick of ferrying call girls every weekend to saab’s farmhouse.” True, that’s not a very pleasant job!

The small army of juniors and assistants who arrange cars, collect packages, and order sushi for the famous and thin backstage, on set and before red carpet, may be insignificant in their eyes, but they aren’t blind. They see and hear every little snide remark, every home truth. You would be amazed to know how foolish these wholesome personalities are who indulge in drugs and lewd sexual advances in front of strangers.

When I told a pretty divorcee who is also doubling up as a model, that she should know where to draw the line (pun intended), she was dumbfounded. She however had no qualms about ‘drawing lines of coke’ at a photo-shoot in front of an assistant. A girl I know worked as a personal trainer of liposuccrazy celebrities who are far too busy. They are also far too busy to check their purchases carefully before returning them. When a broken DVD player was sent back by an industrialist couple, the trainer (who volunteered to drop it off at the gadget store) found a hardcore porn film inside. I think it’s time our naughty celebs to draw up a list of invisible underlings and give them with a Diwali bonus!