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Worth the hangover

entertainment Updated: Oct 28, 2009 19:36 IST
Zach Galifianakis

Until recently, funny guy Zach Galifianakis was the comedy poster boy for a loyal band of fans, who were familiar with the performer from his live club appearances. But with the surprise hit film The Hangover, Galifianakis found himself no longer a cult phenomenon…he is now considered a rising star among a band of young comedians-turned-actors. Here, the actor talks about shooting for the film G-Force with renowned producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Tell us about Dr Ben Kendall, your character in the film.
I think he’s a little bit antisocial. Quiet, nerdy, but brave. He’s also a bit absent-minded, but in the end, I think he’s very,
very smart.

Is he a genius?
Yeah, I think anybody who can get animals to talk would fall into that
category, yes.

What exactly is the G-Force?
Well, there’s a troupe of guinea pigs who have been trained as a special ops unit. They’re just your basic guinea pigs that go and do special operations for the government. The thing is, animals are now used for secret endeavours. They can talk and ‘high five’ each other.

What sort of director is Hoyt Yeatman?
Hoyt comes from such a technical and animated background. There were things he would show me that were way ahead of me — my brain couldn’t always wrap around what he was talking about. But you just learn to trust him, because he comes with this expertise of many years of experience with such projects.

What about Bill Nighy?
Did you have any scenes

with him?
I had a few scenes with Bill. Bill’s a very nice gentleman. We hit it off. We played scrabble when we weren’t working. I think I won most of the time — you may want to ask him about that. He has a very, very good sense of humour. And he’s just... lucky. He’s just happy to be working. But really, I’m the one that’s lucky to be working. I was sitting at that table today, and I thought, ‘How did I scam my way in?’”