Zach Galifianakis to Brad Pitt: You live in your wife's shadow

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2014 16:30 IST

Brad Pitt was recently grilled on his split from former wife Jennifer Anniston by Zach Galifianakis on Funny Or Die's chat show, Between Two Ferns.

The Hangover star, who has interviewed Barack Obama, Bradley Cooper, among many others on the funny chat show often in a haphazard and awkwardly offensive manner, began the interview with a question about Pitt's sex life and ending with a description of him as a "s***ty actor", the Daily Star reported.

Galifianakis also asked if it was hard for the Fury star to maintain a sun tan, when asked why, he said because the actor lives in his wife's shadow.

"Tell me what it was like when you first laid eyes on Angelina," the funnyman asked. "Was it like one of those classical love stories, like when Ross first saw Rachel? You know that show Friends, have you seen that?"

He then proceeded to push a button which started playing the theme song from Jennifer’s hit sitcom.

Taking it on the chin, Brad mumbled: ‘I like that song.’

When Brad started talking about his charity work, Zach invited Louis CK to "liven things up". The show ended with Pitt spitting his gum on Galifianakis' face.

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