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Losing weight drastically? Eating right can also have dangerous results

Are you obsessed with eating a pure diet? While maintaining healthy food habits is important to stay fit, getting obsessed with eating right can also have dangerous results. It can lead to a condition called orthorexia. We tell you how to strike a balance.

India has lost a star: Kathak legend Birju Maharaj on Sitara Devi's death

For the leading exponent of the Lucknow Kalka-Bindadin gharana of Kathak dance, Sitara Devi was a woman of strength who fought all odds to create a name for herself in the Kathak world.

Does your child wheeze all the time? Be careful, it can be a sign of asthma

If your child continues to have recurrent symptoms of cough, cold and wheeze till the age of 12-14 years, it is a reason to worry. In many of the cases the asthma symptoms improve with age as the wind pipe of children grows till the age of five years.

Pranab Mukherjee chronicles the fascinating decade of '70s in a book

Drawing from personal diary extracts, conversations with key personalities and vital secondary literature, President Pranab Mukherjee has chronicled the fascinating decade of the 70's, including the crucial Emergency period, in a book that will be released Dec 11.

Looking for some adrenaline rush? Go heli-skiing from a boat this winter

What's cooler than getting dropped off by helicopter on a pure-powder peak in a remote corner of the icy north in winter? Nothing, right? Here are a few options that will give you the adventure of a lifetime.

Ladies, it’s time to walk that talk!

From bringing out your man’s most helpful side, to making you look glam, here’s how to rock your heels. Call it the damsel-in- distress syndrome, but one study reveals that men are more likely to help out a woman in towering high heels.

Veggie diet better than medicines to fight Type 2 diabetes

Veggie diet is better than medicines when it comes to treating Type 2 diabetes. Researchers say that a healthy vegetable-based diet could notably boost blood sugar levels and they also add that "no drug came close to offering those with diabetes this kind of relief."

Fifty-something? Survey says life actually begins at 52

If you are over 50, you must read this. A new survey suggests that satisfaction with life hits its zenith at 52 and people are more youthful, fit and ready for anything. The benefits of experience mean 58% feel better able to cope with a variety of situations.

Germ attack: Restroom hand dryers worse than paper towels

Don't be fooled by the glittering washroom of the five-star hotels you swear by. Beneath all the apparent cleanliness could be millions of germs lurking to strke at you. A new study has revealed that restroom hand dryers spread more bacteria than paper towels into the air, on to users and bystanders.

You can now train your brain to ignore distractions with sound training

Scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have developed a new brain training approach that uses sounds to allow ageing brains to ignore distractions. They've developed a training approach designed to help strengthen individuals' ability to suppress their attention to distracting stimuli.

Paintings discovered at Greece’s ancient tomb

Paintings of daily life have been discovered on columns at Greece’s biggest tomb at Amphipolis in the northern region of Macedonia. The paintings may help solve the mystery of who is buried at the highly-decorated tomb from the time of Alexander The Great. A skeleton was found at the site earlier this month.

Tejpal's daughter, cousin adapting Khushwant Singh's The Sunset Club into film

Journalist Tarun Tejpal's filmmaker daughter Tiya and her cousin Karan are paying tribute to their late grandmother through an upcoming project: an adaptation of Khushwant Singh's novel The Sunset Club. Their grandmother Shakuntala passed away in May this year in Goa due to cancer.

No more cooking, no more food? Rob Rhinehart on food substitute Soylent

Software engineer Rob Rhinehart, 26, turned to food engineering when he decided he did not like cooking or shopping for food. He created Soylent, a white powder, consuming 450 gm of which each day, mixed with water, can take care of our daily nutritional requirements.

There is a writer in each one of us: Ravinder Singh

Popular writer Ravinder Singh has launched his new book titled Your Dreams Are Mine Now". In a tete-a-tete with Hindustan times, he unveils his new book and tells us why there is nothing like first love, and how there is a writer in each one of us.

Planning a day out golfing? Be wary of blood-sucking little monsters, ticks

Golf courses are the perfect habitat for ticks. This is because people on golf courses scare away the animals that usually prey on small rodents, so these tick-harboring rodents flourish.
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