Beard baubles: Try this kitsch but cool festive trend

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 15, 2014 17:52 IST

Are you a wannabe trendsetter who wants to make his facial foliage stand out? Or are you feeling extra-festive this year and want to show the whole world the holiday joy that is beaming from your heart? How about turning your whole face into an upside-down Christmas tree?

Well that's exactly the idea behind specially-designed beard baubles.

Because big bushy beards are approaching the mainstream and because we secretly love the weird holiday accessory, we'll tell you this: Hairy Christmas beard baubles are by far the most festive accessory we've seen this year!

You read right: This holiday season, these bizarre clip-on Christmas decorations -- beard baubles -- can turn your face into a glittering festive centerpiece! Trust us you can't turn Christmasy any quicker.

Beard Baubles are mini metallic ornament-shaped accessories that attach to men’s facial hair with bobby pins, and they’re taking the Internet by storm. What's even better: It’s all for a good cause.

Grey London, an ad agency, together with designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, who launched this strange product, came up with the idea to benefit Beard Season. Beard Season is an Australian charity that raises awareness for melanoma by asking men to grow out their beards during the winter months.

Grey London's employees Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford have told Mashable that demand went through the roof after Beard Season founder (and impressive beard-owner) Jimmy Niggles posted a photo of the Beard Baubles on Instagram.

The best part? The baubles have been flying off the shelves and onto beards everywhere. Currently, Grey London's website shows that they are out of stock. But they promise you’ll be trimming the tresses, decking the hairs and festooning the facial scruff in no time.

So, now thanks to the beard bauble folks, hairy Christmas is just few beard baubles away! But just one question: How had no one thought of this until now?

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