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Beauty quick fixes

From overnight pimples, dark circles to drab hair, fight some common, unwelcome woes with these instant remedies.

fashion and trends Updated: Feb 18, 2013 11:06 IST
Text: Debasmita Ghosh

Problem: You are going through a lot of stress at work, and have a sudden breakout in the form of pimples, and you have a wedding in the family too.

Quick fix:

1. Before applying makeup thoroughly clean your face with charged water or astringent.

2. Apply an oil control face pack (sandal wood or turmeric face pack) on your face and leave it for about 10 minutes. Rinse well before starting your makeup.

3. Use a pen concealer to camouflage the appearance of pimples and apply foundation or loose powder all over your face to fix the corrector.

4. Use little brighter shades such as aqua blue or florescent pink on your eyes and lips to take the attention away from the pimples.

Problem: You drank all night at the pyjama party with friends. Now you have an important presentation at work. Your eyes are puffy and stoopy.

Quick fix:

1. Use cold water therapy for puffy and stoopy eyes. Massage your eyes with your fingers that relaxes your nerves. Go for ice-chilled water for the massage, adding two drops of mint juice or rose water.

2. Post the massage, use metallic black, grey or brown eye shades to hide the puffiness. Finally, use kajal as thick as you can to highlight your eyes. Go for a winged eye liner that stretches out your swollen eyes and makes them look bright.

Problem: You’ve caught a bad cold and due to constant rubbing with tissues, your nose has gone red, and you have a job interview to attend.

Quick fix:

1. Use steam and cold towel to hide the redness. It is known as the hot and cold therapy, and it improves blood circulation.

2. Apply a toner for atleast one to five seconds.

3. If the redness persists, use a corrector or concealer to hide it.

4. Apply a foundation base on the nose area. Because you are using a tissue, go for an oil-based penstick because it is water proof and will stay longer.

5. Then, dab some loose powder to fix the foundation. Keep a compact handy to apply just before you enter the interview.

Problem: You’ve watched TV all night and have dark circles around your eyes. Next day you will be meeting the guy you have this huge crush on .

Quick fix:

1. Soak two used green tea bags in cold water and put it on your eyes. It will improve your PH balance and your eye colour will become neutral. It is the best way to look and feel fresh.

2. You can also take two teaspoons, dip them into ice cold water, and then press the concave part of the spoon to your eyes. Your eyes will look fresh instantly.

3. If the dark circles persist, apply a toner and then use a concealer under eye area with your ring finger in taping motion to hide the marks.

4. Use mascara for both upper and lower lids. You can even play with kajal to make your eyes open up.

Problem: You’ve been out for work all day in the harsh sun and wind and your hair’s turned frizzy, dull and dry. You have a friend’s bachelorette bash to attend so you’ve quickly shampooed your hair but it still looks drab and dry.

Quick fix:

1. Comb your hair over and over again towards the back with a round bristled brush. The bristled brush polishes your hair to a shiny mane.

2. You could also quickly dab some salad oil or olive oil on your hair. It will instantly give a pleasant shine to your hair. Do not use the dryer as that will make the hair look more dry.

3. If none of these tricks work, add a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar in a cup of water and spray it on your hair for some instant shine.

Problem: The salon girl has overplucked your eyebrows and they look fake thin now.

Quick fix:

1. Firstly, never use a blunt eye brow pencil to draw your brow. It will make it look even more messy and fake. Instead, take your normal kajal or eyeliner, and draw a light arched line along your natural brow line.

2. Now, with your finger or a normal cotton bud, smudge it to make it look naturally thick.

Problem: Going on a date, and you have, by mistake, applied too much perfume, and now you are smelling like a shopping mall.

Quick fix: Dab a wet cloth over your neck and chin areas. These areas absorb the most amount of perfume. Now wipe up these areas with a dry tissue paper and apply a little non-fragrant loose powder over it. Within minutes you would have a subtle yet enticing aroma around you.

(With inputs from beauty experts Aashmeen Munjaal, StarSalon and Shival Ghai, Xpressions Makeup and Hair Studio)
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