Beauty tutorials: Getting the eyebrows right

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  • Updated: Aug 11, 2014 16:07 IST

Celebrities like Cara Delevingne (with her full pair) and Katy Perry (with her recent "no eyebrow" look) are putting a new focus on eyebrows.

Cara Delvingne. (AFP Photo)

One of the key facial features to get right, many tutorials skip through the eyebrow stage at a merry canter. Here are three videos that take you on a slower trot through the ins and outs of those all-important facial follicles.

Eyebrow overhaul

Brazilian Blogger Camila Coelho shows you how to tidy up and perfect your brows using a full eyebrow pampering kit. She starts by trimming hairs with scissors, brushing and then tweezing any loose ones. The self-confessed 'eyebrow fanatic' then fills in her brows using a few cool techniques.

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Perfect eyebrows

Irish blogger Sharon Farrell has more eyebrow tips in this ten-minute-long video. First up she recommends you work at an angle rather than straight on (to see the full shape), and start on the underside of the brow. She also has a cool trick using a pencil or a brush to help you work out how to shape the brow.

How not to do your eyebrows

This video from Danish blogger Marie of Hej Amrie is not one we want you to follow! Instead of a series of tips, she has put together a selection of nightmare eyebrow shapes and techniques including 'The Slug' and the 'Don't Do That'. Here's hoping you're not an eyebrow offender!

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