Because these are so outdated: 7 fashion rules to unlearn

  • Shara Ashraf, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Oct 17, 2014 17:55 IST

A peeking bra equals tacky. Wearing clashing prints is a fashion catastrophe.

How many times have you heard such outdated rhetoric and fallen for it? Any stylista who is worth her vintage skirts and obi belts knows that true style is about following your heart. If you have it in you to make your waywardness look good, you know you will never go wrong.

We list some obsolete style rules that need to be shunned right away. Here’s to fashion that doesn’t shy away from taking risks.

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1 Bold lips and bold eyes don’t work
They do, when you know how to do them right. Strong eyes with strong lips add instant drama to your party avatar, and can look absolutely stunning. So twist the rule without making your look seem over-the-top. Team glossy, deep plums with soft, smoky lids and rock the ultimate diva glam.

2 You need big money to look stylish
This is the biggest lie you'll ever hear. If you have an eye for style, you could be the most stylish one around in a `500 dress. So mind your body type, pick up flattering silhouettes, styles and colours, and have the confidence to sift through clothing piles in a flea market and dig out a gem.

3 Never show your bra
No, we are not talking about those tacky peeping bra straps. There are bras that are meant to be shown off. Take for instance those beautifully crafted lace and satin beauties that can be teamed up with sheer tops for some peek-a-boo fun. Think a polka-dotted bra under a striped shirt, a black bra with lace edging under a sheer black shirt or a white bralet with a lacy white top.

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4 Wear sparkly clothes only at night
If you love bling, there’s no reason to keep it confined to night outs. Daytime bling is in. It adds glam to your casual look. Team your sparkly picks(sandals/sunglasses/bags) with jeans, flip flops, and a T-shirt, or go sports luxe with your sequinned cropped jacket worn over a graffiti T-shirt and denim shorts.

5 Cleavage or legs, never both
There is nothing gaudy about showing both cleavage and legs, if you have the physical
attributes. See how Kim Kardashian shows off both in the picture above and looks every bit sophisticated in this bathrobe dress.

6 Don’t wear long dresses if you are short
If there is any such theory, challenge it for your own good. The truth is that long dresses can visually add inches to your frame if you stick to the right drape. Steer clear of complicated, flared silhouettes and pick up something with a nice fall.

7 Don’t mix prints
Well, don’t, if predictable is your middle name. Mixing prints can be super fun and you can instantly create fresh looks with printed pieces in your wardrobe. Do not get stuck only with mixing and matching the prints; play around with colours and textures as well.

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