Bob it like its hot! Tips to rock that fabulous bob with ease

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  • Updated: Aug 04, 2014 15:21 IST

Clémence Poésy, Julianne Hough and Emma Roberts are just three of the women who are currently rocking this season's hottest haircut, the bob. Here's how to get the look. Can you pull it off?

Popsugar went on the hunt for tips to see how to work the trend. The key is "texture and movement," according to hair stylist Anh Co Tran.

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First up, when you head to the salon, "bring in pictures" to help your stylist work out what you need and remember to think whether it will work with your hair texture. "Everyone can get away with it," says Tran; it's just about picking the right look for you.

Cutting it yourself

If you're partial to a DIY approach, blogger Patry Jordan shows you how you can cut a bob at home: wash and part your hair in a low ponytail, then use elastic bands to guide your cut. It's important to take your time and go little by little. Then center part the hair again and touch up the two sides.

Styling your bob

Once you've got your haircut, there are a number of ways you can style it. Anna Jimenez of New Beauty has these three options, including center-parted curls, slicked back sides and a chic up-do.

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