Brighten your lohri with a touch of tradition

  • Snigdha Ahuja, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jan 12, 2015 16:36 IST

It’s that time of the year again when the air is filled with sweetness of sesame bars and the winter chill is combated with a cosy, ceremonial bonfire. And, dressing up in all the colours of the impending spring just adds to all the festivities!

Lohri is commemorated each year, to mark the winter solstice, and as you celebrate in style on Tuesday, go all-out traditional. From not shying away from hair extensions for the fun of twirling them up in a modern bedecked braid, to indulging in a berry-dipped beauty palette – plan your look.

For your wardrobe, be inspired by the traditional art of bagh or phulkari embroidery which will instantly bring in a flavour of colourful joie de vivre. While we love the off-the-store varieties of the beautiful thread play, this time, change things up by adding one surprise element that will light up your look.

From a beautiful stole embedded with the embroidery, to an oversized envelope clutch that includes the traditional, colour-filled work, you can add these elements to bring on some surprise. So, fill your palate with sweets and palette with balmy colours, bidding farewell to the winter!

The hues of a flame: As the ceremonial fire burns at the Lohri gathering, there can be nothing prettier than the colours of your outfit playing off the glow of embers. Pick bright scarlets or shades of vermilion when going for a bagh-embroidered salwaar kameez or a phulkari dupatta. Rather than a paranda, twirl a gota-fused lace or bauble-ended hair twirls.

Fashion match: Some love it, while others despise the idea of coordinating your look with your better half. But, what’s the harm in looking as stylish as each other, as you step out to celebrate Lohri? Don’t go matchy in terms of colours, but create harmony in terms of the details.

The fun element: Guys, there’s no reason for you to feel left out when it comes to dressing up in traditionalwear. Pick some inspiration from this spiffy modern look on the ramp, in which the black is perfectly balanced with the addition of the bagh element and a deep, olive-hued turban.

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