Designer Masaba Gupta on packing for a weekend getaway

  • Masaba Gupta, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jul 16, 2016 10:44 IST
Pack what makes you feel best. (Shutterstock)

Heading out of town for the weekend ? Designer Masaba Gupta on how to keep it stylish while on the road.

The weather’s beautiful these days, isn’t it? While the rains are here, it’s the perfect time for a drive out of this chaotic city.

As you pack for a weekend getaway, you’ve probably faced a dilemma — you want outfits that’ll have you sorted for various scenarios, but you also don’t want to lug around a lot of luggage. You want to pack in your new Zara one-piece but what if you need to rough it out a bit? You want to roam about in your sensible sneakers but what if you also need to hit the dance floor in the evening? How then does one pack smart?

Well, remember the basic rule — pack what makes you feel best and won’t hold you back from an adventure. Minimise some of the mayhem of packing by reaching for some fail-safe formulas.

Gupta is a leading fashion designer. She tweets as @MasabaG

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