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Don’t blame your body, it’s the label: This shopper shows how dress sizes mislead

South African body positive activist Mira Hirsch’s Instagram posts juxtapose two garments in the same size with different fittings to show how the size of clothes is meaningless.

fashion and trends Updated: Sep 16, 2017 12:50 IST
HT Correspondent
Mira Hirsch’s Instagram post shows her trying on two different garments of the same size which don’t fit her in the same manner.
Mira Hirsch’s Instagram post shows her trying on two different garments of the same size which don’t fit her in the same manner. (Courtesy: Mira Hirsch/Instagram)

We have all had moments in the changing room when we realise that two pairs of jeans or T-shirts may be of the same size but don’t fit us in the same manner. But while it may drive some to depression and feeling ashamed about their body, an Instagrammer has decided to use the occasion to make people feel more positive about themselves and realise it’s a quirk of labelling.

repost🌻 . PSA: DO NOT DEFINE YOURSELF BY A NUMBER‼️ . . . THESE ARE BOTH EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE! . . . i was looking for a pair of pants and found both of these in the same size in different sections of the store. . . the maroon pair had a label saying "New Fit" and the mint pair had nothing. both were my size yet one pair couldn't even close and the other pair was a little loose? . . i used to absolutely DREAD shopping because of this reason alone! . . you look for something in your usual size, it doesn't fit and you end up leaving the store feeling so shitty about yourself. letting diet culture kick in, and self loathing take over. i know i did. . stop trying to fit into the "ideal size"! . . . wear clothes that you feel funky in! . . who the hell cares if it's a few sizes bigger or smaller than what you normally wear. . . take back your power and wear whatever size and style you desire . . . love the skin you're in!👖👚👕👗 . . .#dimples#thunderthighs#thick#thighbrows#curvyfashion#curves#confident#cellulite#curvygirl#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#plussize#positivity#hipdips#everybodyisbeautiful#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#acceptyourself#sablogger#selflove#southafrica#stretchmarks#nowrongwaytobeawoman#curvywomenarethebest#softtummy#nofilter#unedited#lovetheskinyourein

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Mira Hirsch is a South African body-positive influencer. In a recent post on her Instagram account, she juxtaposes two images of herself wearing jeans of the same size. While one of them fits her perfectly, the other one doesn’t. Through the image, Hirsch points out that the numbers on the labels of our clothes are meaningless.

“You look for something in your usual size, it doesn’t fit and you end up leaving the store feeling so s****y about yourself, letting diet culture kick in, and self-loathing take over...” she says in the post, adding, “Stop trying to fit into the “ideal size”! Wear clothes that you feel funky in!”

Check out some more photos from her Instagram account:

DO NOT TRY TO FIT INTO A CATEGORY ❗️ . . be your authentic self. . . i just attempted to photoshop (don't judge my bad skills lol) my body into the "ideal thick body" that people are adoring at the moment. . . if you were born with a naturally curvy body - good for you! . and if you weren't - good for you! . the only way i would ever achieve this type of body was if i put myself under the knife and honestly , it would NOT suit me. i am content with my body (most of the time) and trying my best to appreciate all that it is and ever will be. . . i will never be able to fulfill current body/beauty standards - so i set my own. i am being authentically me and so should you . . ❗️do not give social media, societal standards and norms the power to determine your self worth❗️ . . you do not need anyone to approve your value as a human. appreciate yourself for all that you are and i promise you will be content with yourself 🌷 . . . sending positivity, joy and love your way💘💘💘 . . . #selflove#authenic#photoshop#selfacceptance#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#confident#curves#curvygirl#plussize#bloggersa#johannesburg#southafrica#beautiful#beautystandards#stretchmarks#hipdips#cellulite#thick#

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this post is inspired by the incredible @bodyposipanda . . . being a woman, we are constantly judged solely on our appearance and the way we dress. . . you don't see men being treated differently when they're in swimming trunks? so why should we? . . . we need to take back our power and get rid of stupid societal attitudes that women are only to be respected when dressed conservatively. . . we deserve the same amount of respect regardless of how we are dressed. . . if you feel more comfortable going out in shorts and a crop top - DO IT . and if you feel more comfortable going out in jeans and a loose Tee - DO IT . . wear whatever the hell you want and take back your power! . . . do not give anyone the power to make you feel any less than the incredible person that you are . . if you wear a burka, a sheitel, a head scarf or anything in between - you deserve to be treated the same as someone who isn't wearing one . . we all deserve respect, love and acceptance ❤️ . . . #dimples#thunderthighs#thick#thighbrows#curvyfashion#curves#confident#cellulite#curvygirl#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#plussize#plussizemodel#positivity#pyjamaday#hipdips#everybodyisbeautiful#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#acceptyourself#sablogger#selflove#southafrica#stretchmarks#fashion#nowrongwaytobeawoman#worthy#respect

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hip dips, little tummy, big thighs - all things i've learnt to love over these past few months. wow it's crazy how you can go from extreme self loathing and constant doubting to actually being OK and content with things that bothered you the most. . . never thought i would've grown and matured this much in such a short period. im proud of my new found appreciation and love for myself💘 . . . also! it's my birthday in 5 days! . i loooove is my birthday, i love surprises and spending it with special people . wow this year i get to celebrate it with almost 100k new amazing people😁🌹 . . . #dimples#thunderthighs#thick#thighbrows#curvyfashion#curves#confident#cellulite#curvygirl#bopo#bodyposi#bodypositive#plussize#positivity#hipdips#everybodyisbeautiful#johannesburg#loveyourself#loveyourbody#acceptyourself#sablogger#selflove#southafrica#stretchmarks#nowrongwaytobeawoman#curvywomenarethebest#softtummy#nofilter#unedited

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reposting this because this photo was the turning point in my journey, i knew how nervous i was before posting it for the first time and it received SO MUCH positivity from all of you. it was my first real and raw photo showing my biggest insecurities so i wanted to share it again with you guys to show how far ive grown since starting this page 6 months ago . and how absolutely CRAZY it is to think i have gained over 100 000 of you!! . . . . . from the bottom of my heart i thank you all profusely ❤️ . . you have made my self love journey and incredibly easy one and i would not be where i am today if it weren't for all of you🌹 . . loving every part of me including all my nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices and everything in between🌕 . ive been debating posting this on my page for a while now because sometimes it's hard to look at yourself with complete contentment. . obviously you want the world to see all your best angles, your most flattering parts. but that's not realistic! . if you saw me walking in the streets you would see that i don't always look like my pictures, everyone will tell you they look for the perfect lighting, use their best angles and wear clothing to make them "look as attractive as possible" etc. . but that isn't always your true, authentic self. you should never be afraid to share your unique and beautiful features. and if someone disagrees? SCREW THEM, who are they to tell you what THEY prefer. it's YOUR BODY. . my page is meant to show you all that being perfect doesn't exist! it's okay if your photos aren't all amazingly shot because that's who you are! . i don't just want to share my best, most perfectly captured pictures that have 500 others similar ones but that one just happened to have made the cut 🙄 lol . . i want to be as real and as authentic with you all as possible and share my most vulnerable photos with you because at the end of the day, this is Me, this is Mira and i don't care whether you accept me or not because I ACCEPT ME AND YOU SHOULD ACCEPT YOU TOO❤️ . . . . . 🌸 . . . 📷@gabi_hirsch

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