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Fashion: It’s getting haute in here…

Ever since I interviewed stylist Shreya Anand, I’ve had this irrationally intense desire to hire her to revamp my wardrobe, writes Tasneem Nashrulla.

fashion and trends Updated: Mar 25, 2008 21:58 IST
Tasneem Nashrulla

If you ransack a journalist’s wardrobe you’ll be sure to find the following items – plenty of kurtas, some loose tees, worn out jeans, an equally worn out big bag and seriously worn out kolhapuris and sneakers.

Ok, I admit I’m referring only to my wardrobe here. It’s not that I’m unaware that Gucci is not pronounced as Gukki, or that I don’t believe extra flared jeans should be put in the shredder. Owing to occupational hazards I’m forced to wear “comfort clothes”.

But ever so often, I feel the urge to dress in those trendy and tight ‘churidar jeans’ (no idea what they’re officially called), pointed toe stilettos, a short slick vest over a pin strip shirt and faintly resemble one of those sexy corporate women in Hollywood flicks.

And ever since I interviewed stylist Shreya Anand, I’ve had this irrationally intense desire to hire her to revamp my wardrobe (even though I cannot remotely afford her). Because these guys are really good at making people look good.

Anand is 29 going on 21 – bursting with renewable energy and infectious zest. She is always dressed in a way that seems like she spends hours putting her look together, when in fact she “merely throws on stuff” in the morning before her grueling day begins.

I used to think, hell this is easy - get a brief of who needs to be dressed in what, visit boutiques, get the clothes, dress the model. But after spending about two hours with Anand who enlightened me about a stylists’ job I have newfound respect for people in the fashion industry.

It’s not about frivolous frills. Somehow, they mange to be perfectly turned out while trying to communicate with their tailors; while rummaging through racks of clothes in down market stalls to upmarket boutiques; while spending endless days and nights on hectic shoots and while trying to fulfill every irrational demand of Bollywood stars. It’s an industry of glamour and grime. You’ve got to look good while getting your hands dirty.

I have plenty of acquaintances in the fashion industry – 23-year-old girls who run their own hip boutiques in Bandra, young stylists who earn big bucks dressing Bollywood stars while juggling their own fashion label, fashion merchandisers who travel the world sourcing clothes for international brands in India and fashion journos who enviably get front row passes to shows in Milan and Paris.

Fashion is in vogue. I know of 8th graders who shop only from Mango and Tommy Hilfiger. My other star, 24-year-old Ashmi Bhansali, earns in six figures and has her own fashion label which sells in stores across India. Recently Kareena Kapoor graced the cover of Vogue India in Gucci couture. Designer Manish Arora showcased his eccentric collection at the mecca of fashion – Paris. These instances were unthinkable a decade ago.

Which is why it’s the perfect time to work in the fashion industry. The opportunities are endless, the money is great and the glamour even better.