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Fashion trend: versatile make-up products to try

Use your lipstick as a blush, or your bronzer as an eyeshadow; experts tell us how the make-up basics can be used in more ways than one.

fashion and trends Updated: Apr 23, 2014 14:02 IST
Shweta Mehta Sen

Some of the latest cosmetics on the block include a three-in-one lipstick, gloss and tint. There’s also a foundation that serves as moisturiser and a sunscreen. While these are being marketed as the most versatile products in the market, you’d be surprised to know how much more your regular products can do as well.

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Use instead as: Moisturiser/ primer/ highlighter

Pump some of your foundation into a moisturiser so that it makes your skin look more even and hydrated. It can also be used to prime eyelids for eyeshadow. Dot it onto the lids and blend carefully. Depending on how light or dark the foundation is, you can use it to contour and highlight the face.

Use instead as: Blush/ lip tint

Dab a little colour on the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingertips for radiant, flushed cheeks. Soft pink and coral are good picks for this season. This works as a great cream blush for dry skin.

Also use bolder shades as a sheer tint on the lips if you’d like to go light.
Lip liner

Use instead as: Eyeliner

Use it with a thin eyeliner brush for regular wear as well as a winged look. This is a great option because brightly coloured eyeliners are not easily available.

Use instead as: Foundation luminiser/ lip shine/ slimming illusion

Mix your highlighter with cream foundation to give it a luminous effect. You can also use it on top of lipsticks to give your lips more dimension and shine. You can use your highlighter in less-than-obvious places too. Apply it on your collar bone, elbows and knees, back of your hand and over your knuckles for a slimming effect.

Use instead as: Brow filler/ highlighter/ coloured mascara

Blend from the crease of your eyes for a smoky look. It can even fill in thin eyebrows. White eyeliner can be blended into the inner corners of your eyes to make them look fresh. It can highlight the bridge of your nose and the brow bone. Coat coloured eyeliner on a clean wand and use as coloured mascara.

Eyeshadow primer

Use instead as: Make-up hold

Apply on the edges of your lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding. Use under eyes to keep concealer intact.

Use instead as: Lipstick mattifier

Dab some blush on your creamy lipsticks to make them look more matte and allow them to last longer.

Use instead as: Brow filler/ eyeliner/ blush/ highlighter

Depending on the colour of your hair, use shadows as eyebrow fillers. You can even wet it and apply as eyeliner with a fine brush. A neutral colour can be used as a replacement for blush. Get a natural highlight by using neutral shades on the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.
Eye pencil

Use instead as: Eyeshadow/ Lip liner

Smudge pencils over your eyes as eyeshadow. You can even use them to create funky shades of lipstick.
Lip gloss

Use instead as: Hair product

Deal with crazy flyaway hair by dabbing some gloss on the strands. They'll settle down with the weight and texture of the product.

Use instead as: Eyeliner/ eyeshadow primer/brow groomer

Replace the wand with an angled brush to use your mascara as a liner. While clear mascara may not be widely applied for its conventional purpose, it works brilliantly to keep eyebrows in place.

Use instead as: Eyeshadow/ fake tan

Use as eyeshadow for a hazy look, by applying it to the inner corners of your eye and brow bone. To fake a tan, use shimmer or matte bronzer all over your body.

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(Inputs by Virginia Holmes, co-founder, Fat Mu Make-Up Academy and make-up artistes Stafford Braganza and Hriya Marfatia)