Flat hair iron: the super hero

  • Snigdha Ahuja, None
  • Updated: May 20, 2014 16:59 IST

If you thought your flat iron could only help make your hair party-ready, think again. Use your hot iron to move from the realm of beauty to fixing up the flowing wardrobe beauties in your boudoir, and even gift wrapping. Here are some ways to use your ceramic flat iron in cool ways.

Straight to curly
If you bought your flat iron for the love of poker straight hair, know that you basically invested in a lot more. Not only for straightening your hair, even soft curls can be created and set by using an iron. For smooth waves, heat up the iron and divide your hair into sections. Keep a good quality heat protectant and setting spray ready to tighten the curls that you want to put in place. Now, catch the different strands and sections of your hair inside the mouth of the flat iron and press it shut. The hanging length of the hair should now be twirled around the flat iron to turn straight hair to wavy.

Pack a punch
Some of us love our crisp wrapping papers, ribbons, gifting bows and glittering trims. If you are also a fan of packing your gifts like a pro, put your flat iron to good use. As with hair, the iron can be used to straighten curled ribbons, or curl up straight ribbons. Just make sure that you don’t use glazed or plastic paper which would stick because of the heat. Invest in pretty fabric-made decorative picks.

Those sneaky creases
When rushing to work or getting ready for college, many of us fall prey to last-minute ironing to get rid of creases, which ends up taking a lot of time. For quick riddance, heat your iron up to an optimum temperature and use it to pointedly remove those tricky areas on your shirts, kurtas, and even pants. While it can’t be used as a ­full-fledged iron, the flat option is fit for targeting areas which are difficult to manage with a conventional iron made for clothes. For example, creased collars and cuffs and the creases on the hem of your dress or kurtas can be smoothened by ­carefully using your flat iron.

Pleats perfectionist
Pleats are the hottest things in fashion right now, full of vintage gorgeousness. To keep those thin knife pleats on your stylish skirt in place, use your flat iron instead of the conventional one. You’ll have to be patient for this — so work through each pleat separately with your iron so they fall beautifully.

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