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Get those eyeconic eyes

Want to have those highlighting eyes? Be it the cat-eye style, luscious long lashes or a sultry, smoky touch — here’s a guide to perfecting eye makeup.

fashion and trends Updated: Dec 03, 2012 01:31 IST

Be it the cat-eye style, luscious long lashes or a sultry, smoky touch — here’s a guide to perfecting eye makeup

Sit at a well-lit table with a mirror in front. You don’t want your own face to block the light.
Tear off two one-inch strips of cello tape and take away some of the glue by sticking them on the back of your hand.
Stick each strip at an angle to the sides of your eye. The edge of the tape is going to act as your guide to the eyeliner flick. Take a step back from the mirror to see if the angles match. Re-adjust them till you’re happy.
Take a slim eye-pencil of your choice and use your fingertips to gently stretch one eyelid outward and start making a series of little dots, close to the lash line, till you reach the tape. Then, using the same liner, join the dots to get a thick, even line.
For the flick, use liquid liner and extend your dot-to-dot work outwards, following the tape. Go as long or as bold as you dare;
just make sure the end is pointy.
Do the same with the other eye and step back to see if both flicks are the same length and thickness. Give the liquid liner a minute to dry, and then slowly take the tape off.

The daring girl’s guide to the SMOKY EYE
You’ll need just your fingertips for this look — no brushes.
Dip your ring finger into a pot of gel-liner and slowly pat it on to your eyelid, making sure that the black stays below the socket line.
Do this for both eyes. Step back and check if your handiwork matches. Are both eyes equally black, does the colour spread equally on both eyes? Clean up your mistakes with wipes.
Now, clean your fingertip on that wipe, and use a shimmery black shadow and go over the areas you just covered with the gel
liner. This time, pat the shadow past the socket line so that the colour doesn’t stop abruptly, but ‘smokes out’ at the edges.
Step back again and fix any mismatches with the wipes.
Your lids should now be black, your sockets shimmery
Now gently pat silver or grey shimmer from the socket outward to add more depth to your look.

An easy guide to KILLER EYELASHES
How to get it:
Make sure you place your mirror on the table, at an angle that lets you look down at it, so you are able to see and work properly on your upper lashes.
Now, get the lengthening wand of your mascara ready. The angle of your mirror should warn you that the bristles are getting close, so you don’t poke your eyes.
Work slowly, don’t be in a rush. Start at the roots of the lashes and jiggle to deposit colour there and sweep cleanly upward. One coat is enough, but if you want a second layer, make sure you apply it before the first one dries.
People tend to blink right at this point. To avoid this, put a tissue between the top and bottom lash when you do. It will catch any excess product, and will also avoid smudging.
Now, get another volumanising mascara out and repeat. One layer is usually enough. Just ensure you’ve got every lash.
Blink time will come again. Bring on a fresh tissue this time.
Apply the lengthening mascara to the bottom lashes only after the top lashes have dried.