Hit the road: Here are seven expert tips for beauty on the go

  • Sanya Goel, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Dec 04, 2014 17:54 IST

Whether you're hitting the road for a weekend getaway or jetting halfway around the world, the excitement of travelling to an unexplored destination is ethereal. However, trying to look good while travelling can raise the stress-o-meter. The good news is that we've got you covered. Take note of these beauty survival tips that will keep your journey worry-free from take-off to touchdown.

1. "Stock up on face wipes, moisturiser, blotting paper (for oily skin), kohl pencil and a lipper as you move around to instantly radiate your face, whenever needed," advises beauty expert Kanchan Mehra .

2. Change of water and temperature can cause your hair to turn frizzy and unmanageable. Combat your bad hair day with a stylish topper. Take your pick between printed scarves, bejewelled beanies and floppy hats.

3. What better way to use leftover alcohol than to condition your hair? "Apply some beer or vodka to your hair for 15 mins before washing for luscious, shiny locks," says beauty expert Niti Luthra.

4. Long journeys are bound to give you red, tired eyes. Pack a gel eye mask for the trip to avoid puffiness. Towards the end of the journey, line your eyes with a white pencil to making your eyes look dewy and refreshed.

5. Tackle flat hair by preparing your locks in advance. "Tie your hair in a loose ponytail after massaging some voluminising product the night before and flaunt glamorous soft-waves as you reach your destination," says Mehra.

6. "Drink plenty of water throughout your trip to stay clear of any potential breakout. Also, make intense moisturiser your travel bestfriend to eliminate effects of dehydration," suggests Luthra.

7. "As we move out of our schedules, the temptation to gorge on unhealthy junk increases. Replace chips and fizzy drinks for fresh fruits, veggies and nuts that fill you up with energy and vitamins," adds Luthra.

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