Melt-proof: 5 easy tricks for smudge-free makeup

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  • Updated: May 13, 2014 09:51 IST

Is sweat spelling doom for your summer beauty look this ­season? Fret not, we tell you how to smudge-proof your makeup and get the dewy, oil-free summer glow.

Ditch the heavy makeup and stay away from oil-based cosmetics during the hot months. Opt for mineral or water-resistant products instead. Go ahead, prep up your vanity case to welcome the summer sun in style.

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Avoid smudges, go water proof

Make sure all your makeup products are ­waterproof. Water-resistant kohl pencils and lipsticks are easily available in the markets. You can also apply primer before putting eyeshadow to avoid it from smudging. Look out for products with sun protection. Minimum of 15 to 20 SPF is a must. This will protect your skin from tanning when you step out in the sun.
Wash away the oil patches

Skin produces more oil in summer, which can ruin your makeup. So, wash your face properly before applying makeup as it will wash off excess oil from the skin. Use cold water as it tightens the pores and is great for oily skin, too. Make sure you do not over cleanse your skin as it may increase sebum production. Just cleaning with a good face wash twice a day is ideal.
Skip foundation, go au naturel

Avoid using oil-based products, as they can make the skin sticky which, in turn, may cause breakouts. Opt for mineral or water-based ­products instead. If possible, skip foundation and use only concealer. Make sure to seal your makeup with pressed powder to avoid it from ­running and avoid oil patches.
Ice up, your beauty game

Gently rub an ice cube on your face and neck before applying makeup to tighten the pores and control sebum secretion. This will help the makeup set better. Ice cubes can also be used to soothe and tame the redness caused by ­sunburns and acne. You can also apply a frozen cube of rose water and cucumber juice on your under-eye area to reduce dark circles.
Blot away the shiny t-zone

The sebum or oil ­secretions on your face intensify during the hot and humid months. If you have an oily T-zone, keep the shine on your face away by dabbing facial blotting papers or wet wipes on the problem areas.

(Inputs by Priti Seth, Beauty Expert, Pachouli- Spa & Wellness)

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