New age fashion: space-age glam

  • Shara Ashraf, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 11, 2014 12:56 IST you have it in you to rock futuristic chic?

From metallic eyelids to eccentric hairstyles, out-of-this world creations are making waves in the style world.

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No, we are not asking you to invest in a bejewelled face mask. We are just saying that if you like edgy, there are tremendous possibilities to ace space-age inspired beauty trends that you see models sporting on the ramp. What you thought would (or should) never be worn in real life is slowly finding place in vanity kits, but in a toned-down version.

So, if you are a daring diva who loves pushing the boundaries, there’s plenty of futuristic inspiration for you. Go, channel the alien in you!

Go white-eyed: For beginners, this is the safest thing to try. Use the liner on the inside of your bottom lash line to big up your eyes. Want more drama? Line your upper eyelid with a shimmery white liner. But don’t ever pair white eye-liner with frosty lips or white eye-shadow. Keep rest of the makeup natural, and let the lips be nude, with just a dab of gloss.

Neon on your lips: Blue, purple, orange or pink — you pick your hue, and let your lips be the highlight of your look. Do not use any other colour on your face. Metallic eyelids: Metallic lids trended at recent international fashion weeks. if you think you could do metallic lids only for parties, you are wrong. You can make them work whenever you desire, just with a bit of caution: never overdo metallic with glittery blush and lip colour. A peach blush, mascara and gloss is enough.

Double-false lashes: Love that feathery look? Try double-false lashes on both top and bottom lash lines. For the lower lash line, pick up fake lashes that are smaller than the upper ones.

Or try a quick DIY: Cut your fake lashes into small sections. Make sections longer towards the outer corner of your eye, and keep going shorter towards the inner corner. Place these along your lower lash line using eyelash glue.

Quirky hairdos: An exaggerated quiff, Bantu knots or an oversized banana roll are cool ways to work an edgy look.

But don’t team such an attention-grabbing hairstyle with outlandish makeup and attire. You want to push the envelope, not tear it into pieces!

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Metallic nails: It’s not just the robots who should have this luxury. Buy mirrored nail wraps and glue them onto your nails. But just don’t team them up with your gold-dipped dress. That’s just too much. Treat metallic nails as a piece of jewellery. Make your gold or silver-tipped talons work with your LBD, your sheer flowy gown or your lace mini dress.

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