Pernia Qureshi loves her LBD but can't do without pyjama

  • Enid Judith D’souza, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Sep 18, 2015 13:42 IST
Pernia Qureshi was the celebrated stylist for the film Aisha (2010). (Satish Bate/HT photo)

As we enter Pernia Qureshi’s residence in Bandra, she welcomes us in a navy-blue shift dress. The celebrated stylist for the film Aisha (2010) speaks to us about her love for femininity, classic designs and minimalist accessories.

FASHION SENSIBILITY: “For me, fashion is expressing yourself through what you’re wearing. It’s the best way to convey who you are without having to say much.”

GO-TO DESIGNER: “I don’t really have a particular one. I like Payal Pratap and Dhruv Kapoor’s work. Also, I think Nimish Shah’s recent collection is really great.”

MOST ATTACHED TO: “My pyjamas and track pants. Every time I come home, the first thing I do is change into them. They are super comfortable.”

MOST EXPENSIVE SPLURGE: “I make my mother buy all the really expensive things (laughs). I personally don’t go ahead and buy something that is too expensive.”

SIMPLY ACCESSORISED: “I’m not big on accessories. I usually keep it really simple. However, recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of tikkas and jhoomars. They look very pretty and brighten up your face if you’re going out for weddings or festive occassions.”

STYLE QUIRK: “My style is quite feminine and classy. However, I don’t think I have a particularly defining one as such. ”

ONLINE BUYER: “I shop online all the time. Ninety per cent of the items in my wardrobe have been bought off virtual stores.”

IMPULSIVE SHOPPER: “I used to be one. I would buy anything and everything. But I think I’ve changed over the years. Now I only buy things that I love and that mean something to me.”

FASHION FAUX PAS: “I think ‘wrong choices’ would be a more appropriate term, because I have always been happy with what I have worn, at the time. For instance, I used to wear these tiny T-shirts on jeans during college (laughs). Today, when I look back at some of the outfits, I won’t necessarily wear them, but I won’t consider it a faux pas either.”

To dress up for a night on the town

"I think a pair of slinky sandals are great. They make your legs look long and sleek and you can wear it with anything from jeans and a pair of shorts to trousers and dresses.”

“Blow-dry your hair to add shine and bounce to any hairdomake it look shinier and bouncier.”

“Use a bright lipstick, especially if you’re going out after work. It helps liven up your face no matter how tired you are.”

“Keep a little black dress in your wardrobe. It’s a safety net for those days when you feel tired and don’t want to spend too long on deciding what to wear.”

(HT photos: Satish Bate)

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