Sexiest tattoos of the WC, and the players who flaunt them

  • Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jun 10, 2014 16:27 IST

They may be playing for different countries, but some of the biggest football stars worldwide are united by their love for tattoos. From names of their loved ones to motivational quotes and just random motifs, footballers in the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, promise to up the style quotient on the field with their wacky and elaborate tattoos. Here’s a look at the top 10 players whose tattoos caught our eye, and fancy.

Raul Meireles (Portugal)

The Portugese midfielder flaunts tattoos all over his body. Be it a large Chinese dragon that occupies his entire back, or a set of human skulls that form part of an elaborate necklace tattoo, he’s possibly this World Cup’s most-inked man. He also has images of his wife and daughter permanently etched on his skin.
Ezequiel Lavezzi (Argentina)

This Argentine believes in sporting a mish-mash of unrelated tattoos. Ezequiel Lavezzi has a tattoo of football ace Diego Maradona on his lower abdomen, besides tattoos of Jesus, a gun, a badge of a local football club Rosario Central, and a large handcuffed alarm clock.
Dani Alves (Brazil)

This 31-year-old Brazilian shows off his spiritual side through his tattoos. His left arm is covered with tattoos of Gods. He flaunts a detailed visual of Jesus Christ and a Latin Goddess (below). Alves also has a shining heart inked on his chest.
Wesley Sneijder (Holland)

The Dutch midfielder likes to show off things related to his game, through his tattoos. He has the number ‘10’ tattooed on his wrist, which is his jersey number. He also has an image of the Champions League trophy, which his former club won in 2010, tattooed on the right side of his body. He also has a portrait of a woman on his abs, and a string of words inked on his chest.
Jack Wilshere (England)

This doting dad has tattooed the names of his children Archie and Delilah. Apart from this, the 23-year-old midfielder has also tattooed the name of his relative who passed away in 2006. Jack claims that was the first tattoo that he got.
Kevin Prince Boateng (Ghana)

Although he plays for a German club, the Ghanaian midfielder is a self-confessed fan of Spanish giants, Real Madrid. And he shows off his love for the club with a tattoo of a crown on his neck. "Real means royal – and my second name Prince is royal as well. This is why I had the crown tattooed on my neck," he had said in an interview. The 27-year-old has tattoos on both his arms as well.
Wayne Rooney (England)

The English striker is known for not just the ability to put the ball in the back of the net, but also for his tattoos, that carry a message. A tattoo on his right forearm says, "Just Enough Education To Perform" while, another one on the left shoulder says, "English and Proud." He also has his wife Coleen’s name inked along with a cross on his right shoulder.
Neymar (Brazil)

The Brazilian forward uses the tattoos as a tool for self- motivation. The 22-year-old striker has the words ‘ousadia’ (boldness) and ‘alegria’ (joy) (inset) inked above both his ankles. On his neck, he has the word ‘Blessed’ tattooed. He also shows off his love for his family through tattoos. He has the names of his sister, Rafaella, and his son, David Lucca, who was born in 2011, inked on his wrists.
Lionel Messi (Argentina)

The Argentine forward flaunts names of his son and a portrait of his mother. Messi got the name of his first-born child, Thiago (inset), tattooed on his calf in 2013. Earlier, in 2011, the four-time Ballon d’or winner got a portrait of his mother inked on the back of his left shoulder.

Daniel De Rossi (Italy)

The Italian defensive mid-fielder lets his tattoos do the talking. Thus, Rossi has inked an elaborate sign, Hazard: Tackles Imminent tattoo on his calf (inset), which hints that if he can’t get the ball from his opponent during a game, he’ll go for the player’s leg instead. The golden-haired player also has coloured floral motifs inked across his arms.

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