Singer Neeti Mohan gives a sneak peek into her closet

  • Aishwarya Vijaykumar, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jul 29, 2016 13:08 IST
Singer Neeti Mohan at her apartment in Oshiwara (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

The singer wouldn’t be caught dead in animal print. They look good in the wild, not on people, she says. And she still shares clothes with her sisters

As we enter Neeti Mohan’s Andheri apartment, she is posing for the camera. An EDM track is blasting in the background, keeping the singer pumped for the photo shoot. She is wearing a knee-length, body-hugging dress from Clockhouse, which she recently picked up from Spain. “Knee-length dresses are a fetish. They can be in different materials or lengths, but they work just right for me,” she says.

Mohan’s collection of shoes (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

Closet staples: “Asymmetrical T-shirts paired with high-waist pants and white shoes are my current go-to outfits and closet staples.”

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Global shopper: “I travel a lot. So my clothes are from all over the world. I pick up something from every place I visit. Helps me stand out when I return to India. For instance, I bought a lot of stuff from Spain when I went for the IIFA awards this year. America is amazing for its clothes , and I end up doing a lot of my shopping from there because we don’t get the same collection in India. Europe’s sense of fashion is too high-end and posh for my liking.”

Go-to labels: “For casuals, Zara, H&M and Forever 21 are must-haves. For the stage, I wear designs by my sister (Mukti Mohan) or I design outfits myself. Occasionally I pick up outfits from designer stores. Manish Malhotra and Swapnil Shinde are a couple of my favourite designers. Swapnil is edgy and Manish is a classic designer. Apart from that,when it comes to international labels, I swear by Hervé Leger and Balmain.”

Style no-no: “I never wear heavy animal prints, because I feel sad for the animals. They look majestic with their striped or printed hide and fur, and when people wear the same, they look horrible and out of place.”

(From left) A shirt from Zara; A top from Pull&Bear and shorts from Zara (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

World fashion: “I wear both Indian and western outfits. When I am recording, I love wearing a kurti and jeans. I also wear a pair of salwar kameez when attending my music lessons. The salwar kameez takes me back to my college days because that is mostly what I wore back then. Otherwise, I am just in a loose t-shirt and high waisted pants with white shoes.”

Sisters before clothes: “I have two sisters and we are almost of the same size for shoes, denims and shirts. So, you can imagine how difficult it must have been to retain separate cupboards. We have always shared clothes as far as I can remember. In fact, we follow a first come first serve policy for outfits.”

(From left) Pants from Riva Woman; a top from Express One Eleven (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

Fashion faux pas: “I don’t wear saris very often. But when I wore one two years ago, it went horribly wrong. It wasn’t a faux pas, per say, but a wardrobe malfunction. Luckily, nobody saw it and I quickly rushed back home to fix it.”

Athlesiure: “Workout clothes are my favourite go-to outfits. I finish my workout in the morning and, sometimes, I just don’t want to get out of those clothes. I can easily go shopping or to the movies in them, and be completely oblivious to the public reaction.”

(From left) A perfume by Narciso Rodriguez, and a watch from Tag Heuer (Photo: Aalok Soni/HT)

Quick fix: “If I were given five minutes to get dressed, I would wear palazzo pants, slip into a crop top and because it’s the monsoon, wear plastic footwear. My hair would be tied up in a bun, and I’d step out with a phone and a backpack.”

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