Sweet dreams: revamp your slumber zone

  • Aditi Caroli, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 12, 2014 16:26 IST

Your slumber zone is one of the most important spaces in your house, but very often people do it up in a hurry and the result is a drab, uninspiring room. We have put together some fun ideas that will give your bedroom a chic revamp without much sweat, and ­without drilling a hole in your pocket. So get your creative juices flowing, break rules, mix and match, and let your bedroom say who you are. Get working on a dream perfect bedroom!


For your wall

From painting something ­interesting, to putting up your work of art, lots can be done to add character to your wall. You can also put strings and clip fun pictures on to it.


For your curtains

Take colourful scarves and dupattas, and stich them together to make jazzy ­curtains. Just measure the size correctly. You can also revamp your existing curtains by pinning different sizes and shapes of fabrics on it. Put Diwali lights on top of your curtain rod for drama.


For your bed

Revamp your bed by building a headboard. It can be used for ­mattresses too. Take a big piece of ­cardboard, cut it to the width of your bed and double it up to make it sturdy, and tape it so it stays together. Decide on the shape you want, and cut the top of the cardboard ­accordingly. Now, glue the fabric of your choice on one side of the cardboard. Tape every edge of the fabric onto the back of the headboard so that ­everything is fixed properly. And bam, your headboard is ready! Use a nice, fresh bedsheet and put colourful cushions to jazz up your bed further.


For your door

On the inside of your door, stick your fav movie poster. You can also put up a blackboard, where you can leave messages for your roommate, or write a to-do list.


For your furniture

Reorganising your furniture is the easiest way to refresh your room. Changing the look and feel of your room will give you a nice break from your old decor. Also, changing the direction of your bed, repositioning your chair, and exchanging places of your study table and dressing table can renew the way your room looks.

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