Take 5: Some make-up rules to follow for a fabulous you

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  • Updated: Jan 09, 2016 09:04 IST
Here are five easy-to-keep beauty resolutions for 2016. (Shutterstock)

The new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, and this includes ditching all those bad beauty habits that may have become part of your routine. Here are five easy-to-keep beauty resolutions for 2016:

Remove your make-up

Use a simple cleanser before going to bed. (Shutterstock)

It may sound obvious, but going to sleep with a face full of make-up is an easy mistake to make, particularly during the party season. Cosmetics can clog the pores and slow down the repair process, leading to overnight breakouts and dull skin. Use a simple cleanser before going to bed for happy morning skin. Moisturise your skin well so that you don’t get up with skin that feels flaky and dry.


A good scrub sloughs off dead skin cells and boosts circulation. (Shutterstock)

The benefits of dry brushing are widely known — it sloughs off dead skin cells and boosts circulation for brighter looking skin. Brush your body for a few minutes before showering every day and you will see a real difference.

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Wash your make-up brushes regularly

Cleaning brushes will also mean a longer life for them. (Shutterstock)

Brushes can harbour all sorts of bacteria, so it’s important to cleanse them regularly. Rinsing them in warm soapy water once every fortnight and leaving them to dry ­naturally will keep them free of germs, and also in the same condition in the long run.

Moisturise with SPF

Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. (Shutterstock)

UV rays can damage the skin regardless of the ­weather, so it’s important to protect it if you want to slow down the ageing process. An easy way to incorporate this into your routine is by using sunscreen or a daily moisturiser containing SPF 15 or higher.

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Go natural

Use natural products like a home made lip balm. (Shutterstock)

The ‘Slow Cosmetics’ ­movement has been ­gathering pace since 2015, so there’s no better time to try out a more natural approach to your beauty regime. Cutting out synthetic ­ingredients, silicone and chemical preservative such as phenoxyethanol to ­focus on organic ­ingredients could do wonders for both you and the ­environment.

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