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The flawless look, hi-defined

The Porcelain Diva look, courstesy high-definition makeup moves from screen to street.

fashion and trends Updated: May 12, 2011 15:27 IST
Priyanka Monga

A picture perfect look is not a far-fetched dream anymore. With the introduction of high-definition (HD) makeup, you can stop envying the flawless skins of models and celebrities on television as you can don a spotless visage yourself. The revolutionary HD makeup camouflages imperfections, makes them invisible to high-definition cameras and to the naked eye, and rends a natural complexion. The new innovation stems from the dawning era of high-definition television (HDTV), which threatened to expose even minor flaws of the actors on screen. Hence, the makeup technology was upgraded.

Shweta Bhatia, beauty expert, Revlon says, “Everything is visually magnified when seen in high definition television, especially makeup. Thus, HD makeup helps conceals imperfection. It provides an airbrushed and poreless skin appearance, in any kind of lights.” Makeup artist Chandni Singh adds, “Problems like pores, fine lines, little wrinkles and other assorted imperfections can be easily covered by high definition make up.”

How it works?

HD makeup products comprise photochromic pigments, silicones and minerals that blend, reflects and diffuse light giving full coverage. The makeup products and powders are designed to have sheer and fine consistency that unables detection by the cameras. Also, they lend a moisturising effect to help makeup settle in creases, wrinkles, cracks and keeps the skin hydrated and plump. “HD makeup give features a sharp and well-defined look. The new glossy versions of it keep the look natural and minimal,” says Singh. Does HD makeup need to be applied differently?

There are no special techniques or tools to apply HD make up. But while applying base or foundation on the face, ensure application from inside to outside, i.e. use center to outward strokes. You can apply it with the help of brushes or fingertips.

Who need to switch to HD makeup?

Wearing HD formulas is not a necessity. But, everyone can use HD makeup for a spot-free look. Bhatia says, “Though, high-definition makeup is specifically designed for special occasions or people who have to face the camera or lights often, they are perfect for brides as it reflects well to the camera and lights.”

Originally designed for use in film and television, high definition make-up works wonder to make mature skin look much younger too. It can make your skin not only look flawless, but younger as well. High definition make-up is ultra light and blends like second skin. Its products are available in different consistencies, from loose powder, liquid to mouse formations. Thus, opt for the right consistency, depending upon your skin type.

Special Care

- Always brush or sponge your foundation in a downward motion to avoid highlighting the fine hair on your face. Also, never forget that your neck requires equal attention as your face.

- Remove makeup before going to bed with a good quality makeup remover. Do not clean the skin in a harsh manner while removing it.

- If you have a sensitive skin, do a patch test before purchasing HD makeup. Also, look closely for the ingredients used in its formulation.

- High-definition makeup is mostly not waterproof. Therefore, look for the waterproof variety incase of such a need.