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Too many cooks

Right, so we have one more fashion body now. And now we have more of a situation in our fashion industry where there are more generals than soldiers. Vinod Nair tells more.

fashion and trends Updated: Feb 04, 2009 18:00 IST
Vinod Nair

Right, so we have one more fashion body now. And now we have more of a situation in our fashion industry where there are more generals than soldiers. I must say that Indian fashion is beginning to look more and more interesting now, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

With already three sections in place in Indian fashion, I really don’t see the need for yet another formation of a Council to ‘promote’ the very industry that is now in shambles because there are several groups already in it. Interesting, isn’t it?

So many fashion weeks
Now with more fashion weeks in the same city at the same time, I have started getting calls from designers (whom I also see as designers) asking me whether they should be taking part in the fashion week.

I understand their predicament. With the attention of the people getting divided, some of these designers are getting skeptical about these fashion weeks. They now feel it is not worth their while being part of these fashion weeks that have now become more or less a laughing matter.

What really surprised me was that the senior designers who have promised to close the gap between the two factions in Delhi and make just one event every season are now nowhere to be found. And two fashion weeks are well underway.

Some of those who are serious about fashion and the business of fashion are now in two minds as to whether they should be part of any of these fashion weeks. That way Mumbai seems to be settled firmly on its saddle with just one Lakme Fashion Week. Designers are hand in glove with each other.. fashion and not politics seems to be the focus there.

That’s business
Well, this aside, I am glad that such serious corporate houses as the ITC are as serious about this industry as it was before. That is a big relief. I remember not so long ago I wrote on how important it was for our fashion industry to have a solid corporate backing for it to grow.

When the three year contract of Wills Lifestyle and Fiama di Wills as the title and associate sponsor ended last season, like everyone else, I was also skeptical about them coming back to sponsor the event for the next three years, especially at a time like this where companies are cutting down costs.

But ITC showed that it stands by its promise by coming in again to sponsor the FDCI event for another three years.

Fame game
There was a time when our designers used to be seen as a bunch of social wannabes, trying to get their 15 minutes of fame in the columns of morning papers.

No corporate wanted to associate themselves with those jokers. At a time when such companies as ITC are coming in to help the fashion industry grow, it is a shame that some of our designers and their fragmented minds are standing in the way of its growth.

I feel that still it is not too late for them to wake up and see what they can collectively do to promote Indian fashion. Looking at filling one’s own pocket is alright, but it is better for them also to see that everyone’s pockets are also filled in the process.

More importantly, there are young and promising ones who are getting jammed in the middle. I don’t feel sorry for them as I feel that they too have to make a choice.