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  • Joanna Lobo, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Oct 05, 2015 09:11 IST
Roposo aims to help women find products, search for style inspiration and seek fashion advice. Launched in April, Roposo calls itself a fashion social network.

Fashion has moved beyond the runway and onto the mobile phone. You can now shop, interact with stylists, get secondhand luxury apparel and take polls on which outfit you should wear, all from your phone.

“The first wave of mobile fashion was all about e-commerce. Now, we’ve become more social and personal,” says Arjun Abraham Zacharia, 34, co-founder and CEO of fashion app Wooplr.

“People have become very fashion-conscious and it isn’t limited to only special occasions. They want to wear something trendy every day and these apps work as their fashion gurus,” says Pune-based fashion blogger Pooja Ray, who helps curate content for a fashion app called Wishary.

Here’s a look at some of the edgiest fashion apps, all of which are available free:

Roposo aims to help women find products, search for style inspiration and seek fashion advice. Launched in April, Roposo calls itself a fashion social network.

The app has 20 lakh users including fashion bloggers, stylists, make-up artists and celebrities such as Sonakshi Sinha, Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty. It is similar in structure to Facebook — there is a feed, you can upload, comment and share pictures, follow people, search using filters or hashtags and read stories or view videos.

Pankhudi Singh, 26, a personal stylist from Gurgaon, says she uses Roposo every night for inspiration of what to wear the next day. “I get instant feedback on what I share,” she adds.

This is a product discovery app launched in July that focuses on image search — users upload the image of a style they like and the app will tell them where to find similar, if not exact, products.

“We want users to be able to find a style and create a look suited to their personality and body type,” says co-founder and Bangalore-based software engineer Hemanth Kumar Venugopal, 29. Users can create a profile on the app, search through ‘wardrobes’ of stylists and influencers and find styles best suited to them, save a look to their profile and share it across social media. To create a wardrobe and share different looks requires an invitation. An in-house editorial team also offers fashion advice. The app currently has 2,000 registered users.

Wooplr is a shopping and product discovery app that hopes to build a ‘fashion community’. “We wanted to create a social network that helps users create personalised styles,” says Bengaluru-based Arjun Abraham Zacharia, 34, co-founder.

When it started in January last year, Wooplr was only available on Android; two months ago, they introduced an iOS app and an e-commerce section. The app has 10 lakh users — they can create a profile, follow people, ‘love’ things, add products to collections, post images and ideas and shop.

Zapyle is a marketplace for secondhand luxury fashion products — users can buy branded items at a bargain or sell items they don’t use anymore.

“About 20% of contents in each woman’s closet are largely unused. Our app hopes to change that,” says Rashi Menda, 25, a business graduate who launched Zapyle in August. “We also have fashion bloggers and stylists offering curated looks — linked to products users can buy,” says Menda. The app is photo-heavy, similar in style to Instagram. The invite-only app will go public from October 1.

This app allows people to conduct snap polls when trying to decide between two looks. “You get a second opinion instantly,” says Meghna Saraogi, 32, graphic designer and founder of the app, which launched in April. Users can upload two images or outfits and ask followers to vote.

They can use a timer feature, which instantly asks all followers for a response. People can comment on the posts. Styledotme also has 85 fashion bloggers on board who by default follow every user; they also vote or give advice.

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