Watch: 'Average beauty' back in style, judging by these sexy new ads

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  • Updated: Apr 09, 2015 16:06 IST

Ordinary beauty is back in style, judging by the wave of new ad campaigns championing the average woman in all her sexiness.

Dove, as usual, is leading the way, with its latest film "Choose Beautiful" encouraging women all over the world to embrace their loveliness. The clip, released this week, sees women in San Francisco, Delhi, Sao Paulo, London and Shanghai faced with the option of walking through one of two doors, marked "beautiful" and "average", exposing the way they perceive themselves according to social norms. Starring women and girls of all ages from teenagers to the elderly, the campaign features the inspirational tagline "Feeling beautiful is a personal choice."

With this in mind, the brand has teamed up with psychologist Dr Nancy Etcoff and self-esteem expert Dr Tara Cousineau to create a toolkit designed to help women boost their confidence and see themselves as beautiful.

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The campaign is hot on the heels of a slightly different ad released by plus-size US clothing brand Lane Bryant, whose latest lingerie campaign "I'm No Angel" could be seen as something of a backlash against the streamlined beauty aesthetic championed by underwear giant Victoria's Secret. The clip, featuring six shapely women, finishes with the tagline "I'm all kinds of sexy", reminding us (in case we had forgotten!) that beauty standards should never be reductive.

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Meanwhile, UK women were targeted with feel-good messages back in January, with the empowering fitness campaign "This Girl Can", featuring realistic fitness footage alongside sassy captions like "I jiggle therefore I am."

So things are looking good for 2015 so far, which is shaping up to be the year that beauty bites back. Because really, when it comes to being beautiful, nothing is ordinary.

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