Watch this crazy body make-up video that’s breaking the internet

  • Sanya Panwar, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 21, 2016 20:15 IST
The 15-second full-on body contouring video was shared on social media four days ago, and it’s got almost 40,000 likes and nearly 12,000 comments. (Instagram)

Remember the time Kim Kardashian broke the internet?

It turns out, it’s happening all over again: This time you can blame (or thank) a weirdly mesmerising make-up video.

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Introducing body contouring: The latest (pointless) beauty trend to hit Instagram. And you are right, it’s gone viral. (Yes, this is really happening.)

The latest Instagram craze comes in the form of full-on body contouring: a pointless voyage into body-perfecting where no perfecting is necessary. (YouTube)

Internet sensation Kim Kardashian and her little sister, reality TV star Kylie Jenner, sure had no idea what they started when they introduced the world to contouring in 2015, did they? (Sorry, had to go there.)

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The 15-second full-on body contouring video, posted to fashionvideos’ Instagram – which shows make-up artist Jose Martinez contouring a model’s full body – has broken the internet. Since it was shared on social media four days ago, it’s got almost 40,000 likes and nearly 12,000 comments.

Watch this model have her entire body contoured in this crazy viral Instagram video, below:

Admittedly, though, the clip is pretty interesting to watch. It is an entrancing sequence of several different contouring clips showing just how effective applying a little (Okay, a lot) of make-up can be.

It show’s a model’s head-to-toe makeover, in which Jose highlights her facial features, makes her arms appear slimmer, gives her a bigger bust and creates abs on her washboard stomach.

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Not so long ago, when (gasp!) neck and ear contouring became a thing, we thought we’d seen all that useless beauty trends had to offer. We were so wrong.

Impressive — yet so impractical

And although this crazy video, really is fascinating, we have to agree with social media users: Who has the time or products to achieve this look at home?

Sample these reactions on Twitter:

Here’s the thing about body contouring: It may look okay in these videos, but it’s a lot of make-up. And when a lot of make-up is involved, a lot of stains are involved. Now, we love make-up as much as the next beauty/fashion editor, but we also don’t think most people (ourselves included!) are capable of applying this quantity of make-up.

Watch Kim Kardashian’s contour video below:

Going by these crazy contouring videos, it’s time to top up on your foundation.

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But if you ask us, body contouring really is a pointless voyage into body-perfecting, where no perfecting is necessary. Stick to slicking sunscreen on your bodies and leave the abs contouring to the pros, perhaps.

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