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Women in trench

Almost all luxury-clothing brands and their high street cousins have brought in a good number of trench coats to Delhi’s fashion circuit.

fashion and trends Updated: Jan 23, 2010 21:54 IST

Trench Coats

Winter is when I see the best and most stylish clothes on people in Delhi. When a fashion week with winter theme happens, I see some of the best looking creations on the fashion runway and when winter actually sets, in I see the same on the man on the road as well (not to forget the stylish woman).

I like the look of dark colours, thicker fabrics that fall nicely on the body, men in their neck ties and smart suits, hot coffees outdoors in smart, sporty jackets and yes, smart long trenches...

I must say, trench coats are being increasingly seen during the Delhi winter this season, smart ones at that. Almost all luxury-clothing brands and their high street cousins have brought in a good number of trench coats to Delhi’s fashion circuit.

Apart from protecting from the harsh cold weather conditions (as we have been experiencing in the last few days in Delhi), I think these coats add on to the over all style of the person as well. Earlier, I used to see ladies wrapped in shawls but now there are many in these coats in black, red (increase in number of red coats for sure) and even bottle green and blue.

While the rest can be called ‘the usual’, when I see a lady in a red trench, I give her a second look in appreciation. The colour is seen richer in a trench and red surely is an eye catcher (I say this even as I bumped into a friend a few days ago at The Emporio in a red coat, and she jokingly told me she decided to look like Santa Clause! But she did look nice.)

While the pretty ladies are seen aplenty in these overcoats, men I feel are a bit too lazy to go for trench coats. I don’t see as many men as there are ladies donning these coats during the coldest days. I thought about it. Perhaps it is because they wear closed collars and suits, mufflers etc that they don’t need a trench? Or Delhi weather isn’t all that harsh that they never felt the need for one?

Whatever the reason could be, the fact is that they don’t have them in their wardrobes. Or those who have them seldom looked good in terms of style. Or those who looked good turned out to be from fashion business. So, end result is that ladies scored when it come to stylish looks in trench coats.

For those who have limited money at their disposal, high street brands such as Mango, Promod, Van Heusen offer some of the most stylish solutions. I walked through the stores recently and I realised that the quality and style of these brands are as nice as some of their very expensive counterparts from the luxury side.

Then of course, there are the luxury brands that offer the style solutions for winter to those who can afford it. One thing seems to be sure in this case: trench coats are here to stay. And looking at the weather in Delhi and other parts, more will surely opt for this necessary style to keep themselves stylishly hot!