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  • Updated: Nov 25, 2012 00:35 IST

Tied up with monotonous work wear, repetitive party staples and full-sleeved dresses for wispy winter brunches? Skip the confusion, and pick a stole, scarf or your go-to muffler to add some life to your look.

Go for easy DIY looks, like the single frontal knot, the square style, an ascot (tie-style) knot, a side bow, or a French knot. Don’t overwhelm yourself with neck-heavy gathered styles, be minimal — but don’t be boring. Our personal pick is the slim scarf — go aztec, spotted, colour crazy, studded, skulled, or sheer.

KareenaThat’s not it, head scarves are hot too. Use them as a pony clasp, a turban or a Hepburn-style hairband. If you want to experiment more, tie it to the top of your boot, around your waist or get a tassel-ended stole for a glam-infused wrap or shawl.

Sailor style
Do it like the Duchess. Grab a multi-shaded short scarf and tie it in simple sailor-style fashion, with a single knot in the front. Add the formal touch to an equestrian outing, an official lunch with the ladies or a dressy day at office. 

Keep it slim
We love Kate Moss’s relaxed glamour. Use a fabric ring through which your thin stole can flow. If you want this pick to be more knotty, get a thin left-over chunk of all-glitter cloth in bold gold, and turn your black dress into a dazzler.

French on the side
For a coquettish night out, fashion your scarf like Jennifer Lawrence. Choose from vintage, silk options in colours like deep maroon, velvet purple or creamy white and black. You can even tie a bow on the side for a retro touch.  

No knotty stuff
The reverse dupatta? Just skip innovative names and go for the easiest way to imitate a Beverly Hills, morning coffee-high, Hollywood celeb caught amid camera flashes. Like Alessandra Ambrosio, choose a colour that pops.

A fashion girdle
She is notorious for her fashion picks, but Kim Kardashian, here, is a good example of the girdle-style scarf. Just wrap it around, but make sure it’s not smothering you. You can even choose a scarf with metallic spikes to add some chutzpah.

A heady trend
While the tradition of using veils and covering heads is an inherent ethnic style that we often incorporate in our looks, you can do a lot with a simple scarf too this winter. Take inspiration from style icons like Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and even our very own Kangna Ranaut, and use your stole like a feisty headgear. You can pick up a handkerchief short scarf or a long, flowy one, and innovate ferociously. Capes have been hot this season, and this is another way to let the trend evolve. Also, for a bad hair day, could there be a more fashionable escape?


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