Beauty cost claims exaggerated: Jennifer Aniston

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  • Updated: Mar 21, 2012 19:08 IST
  • Jennifer Aniston

    On Jennifer Aniston's 44th birthday, here's a look at the journey of how the star arrived in life.

  • Jennifer

    The actor kisses Justin Theroux before unveiling her star.

  • Jennifer

    Jennifer greets actor Adam Sandler at the event.

  • Jennifer

    Aniston stands next to actor Adam Sandler before unveiling her star on the Walk of Fame.

  • Jennifer

    Aniston speaks at the event.

  • Jennifer

    The star of actor Jennifer Aniston is pictured.

  • Wanderlust

    She has been cast opposite Paul Rudd in Wanderlust, the new comedy from director David Wain and producer Judd Apatow.

  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

    The 43-year-old star, who finally seems settled with beau Justin Theroux, insists she is loving life and is enjoying her forties.

  • Molloy

    Jennifer Aniston began her television career when she was cast as a regular on the series Molloy and The Edge.

  • Jennifer Aniston

    The classic television comedy Friends.

Actor Jennifer Aniston insists that a report saying she spends $8,000 a month on her beauty regime was greatly exaggerated and said the figure was more like $300.

The website Shine reported Aniston's beauty treatment expense.But she admitted she loves a good beauty product as much as the next woman, but insisted her regime costs her nowhere near as much.

"Although I am a sucker for an amazing moisturiser, love a great facial, have been using the same cleansing bar since I was a teenager and have always been a dedicated tooth-brusher, reports that I am spending eight thousand (dollars) a month on a beauty regime are greatly exaggerated. By my tally, this month I'm in for about 200 pounds ($300," the actor told


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