Bollywood stars to do their own makeup

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  • Updated: Mar 22, 2012 14:01 IST
It’s not every day that our pampered stars have to do their own makeup. But if everything goes as planned, celebrity makeup artist Marvie Beck will soon start training Bollywood stars to do their faces themselves. Marvie says, “As a woman, I understand the need to look good and presentable at all times. There are situations where you cannot get hold of a professional, especially at short notice. So I’d like to help and teach any star who wishes to learn from me.”

So does this mean makeup artists in the industry will be soon out of business? “A professional cannot be replaced. A person doing makeup on her own and having it done by a professional are two different things. At the end of the day, my job is to share and help,” she says.

Apparently, Sonam Kapoor is the first star to get training from Marvie, followed by Sameera Reddy. “Sonam’s personal makeup artiste Namrata Soni is my student. When she learned this, Sonam said she wanted to learn from me too. Sameera is next.”

Celebrity makeup and hairstyling may look like an easy job, but it isn’t. It can take hours to groom a star. “The time taken to style the hair and do makeup depends on the star. If the star is cooperative, it can be done in an hour and a half. This also requires a tight team whose members can work well with each other,” says Marvie.

Recently, Marvie and her team managed to do Sonam’s makeup and hair in an hour and ten minutes. “Doing Sonam’s makeup in this record time was the most memorable moment for me. She was readying for a party and wearing an Anita Dongre outfit. To complement that, I did a different style of makeup: dark kohl eyes merged with a country girl look with braids in her hair — all on the spur of the moment. It was one of my best jobs,” Marvie says.

Malaika Arora Khan gets a thumbs up from Marvie as far as her makeup is concerned. “Malaika is the easiest to style as I am very comfortable with her. She’s also naturally very pretty and does not need much work.”

Five hairstyling tips
1. Use Moroccan oil every 2-3 days; it’s an ultra light formula that gives you a natural and silky finish. Take a small amount in your hands and work it through the hair.
2. For extreme hold and brilliant shine, use hair products with DynamX Polymer Resin. Fudge cement is a product which gives your hair a rock hard look with shine — it’s flexible yet firm. Try it to make your hair look and feel healthy.
3. Wear a hat when in the sun. When you go out, harmful rays make your scalp dry, hence the hair becomes damage-prone.
4. Use a small amount of shampoo and lather it well. Using too much shampoo makes your scalp lose moisture from its natural oils. Also if particles of shampoo remain on the scalp, it will dry and flake later.
5. Use products that
protect your hair from heat-styling. Try Tresemme Thermal creation Heat tamer spray. You can use it before curling, straightening, and blow drying to protect yourself from heat damage. It works wonders in the long run.

Five makeup tips
1. Use primer to smooth facial lines. Try MAC Prep + Prime with SPF. It not only acts as primer but also protects your skin from harmful UV rays.
2. Always prepare your skin for makeup. Use a good moisturiser suitable to your skin type, gently massage it in and let it absorb for few minutes. It helps you create a good canvas for makeup application.
3. Use a blush-on apple on your cheeks to give your face a youthful glow. You can use Nars Blush or Smashbox.
4. Women who have perfectly shaped brows will always look more stunning and gorgeous. Shape your brows every week and make it part of your beauty regimen.
5. Use lip plump to pump your lips. Lip plumps are used by most female celebrities before shots. Now Angelina Jolie lips are achievable thanks to revolutionary products such as Too Faced Lip Injection.


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