Doing the drape

You don’t have to look like a Greek goddess to dress like one. Not according to the ladies of Bollywood anyway. From Rani Mukherjee’s royal blue draped gown to Preeti Desai’s scarlet pick, draped dresses are the celebs’ fail-safe choice for instant glamour.

When picking the right dress for your body shape, stylist Binal Shah advises using the drape to hide your body’s problem areas. “To cover a paunch, try a empire waist dress where the drape starts immediately above the stomach,” she says, adding, “Also, gowns in a solid colour help define the silhouette.”

Designer Urvashi Kaur recommends pairing a single bold accessory with the dress. “Wear just one metallic cuff or a striking neckpiece to balance the volume created by the drapes.”


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