Five international fashion icons

Audrey Hepburn

Designer Shehlaa Khan names five style divas she admires.

1. Audrey Hepburn: I love her minimalistic style, inherent charm and grace. She looked elegant in anything she wore.

2. Grace Kelly: Extremely feminine, chic and an exquisite beauty. She maintained her passion for fashion after becoming the Princess of Monaco too.

3. Marie Antoinette: The Dauphine of France, she represented the romantic era in fashion. She stood for everything feminine and pretty, and took great effort to accessorise.

4. Diane Kruger: She is breathtaking, with an inborn sense of aesthetic, which helps her carry any garment magnificently. She dares to experiment too. Every appearance is immaculate.

5. Jaime King: She has an old-world charm to her. She doesn’t seem to have much knowledge about fashion, but it doesn’t stop her from experimenting and taking bold decisions.


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