Former models launch grooming school

Model wannabes have a new fairy godmother in town. Former models Anna Bredmeyer and Svetlana Casper have joined hands to open the Anna B grooming academy to help you go from Cinderella to belle of the ball.

“In our time, we had individual identities.. people knew us by name,” explains Bredmeyer, “Today all the girls I see look like clones of each other. Because the competition is so cut-throat, they’re afraid of being different because they may not be accepted then.”

She also reveals that she is not impressed by what she sees on the ramp today. “They need to learn the basics, like if the product showcased is a handbag, they need to know how to make that most prominent.” The course offers various modules like personal hygiene, telephone etiquette, Social etiquette, Non-verbal and verbal communication, hosting and fine dining. A special course on make-up is also available and a wardrobe and styling module will be conducted by Casper. “These are just the basic requirements that we think need to addressed. All the advice is based on our combined experiences in the industry.” Bredmeyer reveals.

She insists that subjects like telephone etiquette, though unexpected, are important for models who want to get ahead in the business. “People tend to be very abrupt when speaking on the phone. But these little things that they don’t pay attention to make a huge difference professionally.” Subsequently, consultants will be invited to speak about skin and hair care in an advanced course.

Though the minimum age requirement for the modelling workshop is 16, those who want to get an early start can join the grooming academy from the age of 13. “We have general etiquette classes that we will be conducting for anybody who wants to perfect their social skills. We’ve already designed a module for the Beacon high school in Bandra.” Bredmeyer says. Despite being aimed at aspiring models, this modern finishing school doesn’t have plans to start its own model management agency yet. She asserts, “We’re sure that the training we impart is enough for them to make it on their own.”


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