How to iron out those creases in record time!

Rushing to a last minute date and your iron stops working? Make life easy with our quick-fixes.

Here’s how to turn crumpled to cool in record time!

1 Make your hair dryers and straighteners do double duty. Dampen the area and smooth out the crease or blow dry it. 

Taking a hot shower? Hang your crumpled outfit in the washroom to let the steam smooth out the crinkles. Make sure the shower head is turned away from your outfit.

Store a spritz bottle with a mixture of one cup water and 1tsp of fabric softener. Just spray this on the creases for an instant, ironing-free crisp shirt!

When in a hurry, ensure that the collar/shoulders of the outfit are crinkle-free. You can dampen the area and spritz some hairs spray to remove creases.


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