How you can wear those sexy backless dresses

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  • Updated: Apr 21, 2013 03:29 IST

Bringing sexy back is just a matter of confidence. But, we often see our courage waning and we end up skipping that gorgeous dress with a plunging back or the lust-worthy sheer-back tunic. The common reason? Most of us are confused about the ideal choice of brassiers for that ultra-glam day out. The last thing a girl wants is the back strap of a bra playing peek-a-boo or panic-inducing ‘perkiness’ issues. But, there’s an easy solution — stick-on bras that can act as one-stop solution to all these problems. Also known as adhesive bras, they eliminate the need for straps, absolve any visible seams and add shape and volume. While these bras are mostly advisable for small to medium cup sizes, bigger cups also have the freedom to explore the myriad choices available across markets in the city and on the internet. So, go bare back in sexy mode and flaunt some skin, without any hang-ups.

The sexy angle
There are also nipple covers available in the market called pasties. They  eliminate the need for a bra all-together. While the problem of proper support and enhanced shape for the cups will remain, for cropped tops, bikini tops or those ultra-risque outfits, these are your best bet.

While in the case of stick-on bras, many usually opt for flesh-coloured silicon or nude-shade fabrics, pasties come in crazy shapes and designs too. The covers might seem to be low on practicality, but there’s no harm owning a leopard print or a shock-colour pair to feel sexy! Globally, there are other products too that help in coverage. Brastick is available on some online forums, and the label sells fabric nip concealers and breast-lifters. Bra tape is also available off-the-counter, and is popular during ramp shows, as it can be moulded and customised according to one’s need to conceal. 

Know how to wear it
Stick-on bras usually have a clasp in the middle that keep the cups together and help in keeping the bra in place. The popular variety that flies off the shelves is usually silicon-based. While the built-in adhesive does tend to wear off after multiple uses, there are ways to elongate the usage period. Oily or sweaty skin sometimes make the bra defunct, so make sure you wear it over dry skin. Also, it is advisable to not wear the stick-on bra for more than six to eight hours as the accumulated sweat mixed with the sticky surface can make the skin itchy, uncomfortable and rash-prone. Some labels also provide extra adhesive that help to make the bra more durable. You can also log on to video sharing forums like and have a look at the tutorials that show you how to wear these bras and what kind to pair with outfits with varied back-cuts.

Some picks
The nude-coloured stick on bra by Marks & Spencer gives your back space to breathe.
Price: R2,199,
Available at: H-Block, PVR Plaza Building, CP

These pasties can be life-savers if you are donning that risque outfit (above) or you could go for the stick on-bra
Price: R399 (pasties) andR1,995 (bra)
Available at: Pasties at and bra at Debenham, District Centre, Saket

Here’s a black strapless push up to let you go all-out sexy and fun
Price: R2,067 (approx)
Available at:


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